Promise yourself that are easy to perform

healthy lifestyle Want to start a new healthy life?In the end, one small solution can radically transform your life and make it more interesting, pleasant and intense.These seven promises himself it is easy to perform, in addition, they can serve as a springboard for further change.

better treat people

Want to get a boost in the near future?Be kinder and more attentive to colleagues.According to the study, those who willingly shared their emotions with others Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , quickly won the respect of others and the location of the study participants.This gives reason to believe that such an attitude will be reflected in the increase in social status.

stop smoking for the company

So you have to vechernika and your friends go outside to smoke.You join them, and not because you want to smoke, too, but not to break away from the group.After all, what harm one cigarette, is not it?Not so.Even one cigarette you smoke is 25% seal the walls of blood vessels in adults aged 18 to 30 years, which complicates the work of the heart, thereby increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke.This is especially harmful to those who smoke regularly, as their bodies are not accustomed to nicotine, and for him every case of smoking - a stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? .

stopped going to the solarium

Tanned skin looks beautiful and sexy, but if it's fake tan, resulting in the solarium, your health is in danger.According to experts, the solarium and the solar radiation in the lead in the list of the main causes of cancer.According to a recent study, the risk of cancer among those who begin to visit a solarium before the age of 30 years, increasing by 75%.

stop eating in the evening and at night

Food late at night - it's not just a bad habit.All the calories that enter the body at an inopportune time, perceived it as over and deposited reserve.Even late at night you dine or vegetables wholesome food, anyway, these calories are not absorbed and converted into fat.

Do not go to bed in a bad mood

this saying makes sense.A recent study found a link between sleep quality Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams partner of a marital or similar relationship, and the quality of their relationship.Poor sleep leads to conflict on the next day.As a result - again a bad dream and conflicts.Scientists recommend to refrain from couples showdown in the evening and not to conflict a day after a sleepless night.

better to monitor the cleanliness of teeth

Your dentist is quite right: it is very important to use dental floss.The researchers studied 51 pair of twins If you have twins, ten Smiles If you have twins, ten Smiles and found that one of the twins who did not floss, more prone to gum disease and tooth decay caused by the accumulation of bacteria.

Reduce fat intake

Of course, this point can be generalized to formulate "eat better", but it is very important to stress reduction in fat intake.Thus, rats fed fatty foods, soon showed a decline of physical strength and cognitive abilities.After a week of such a diet the rats overcome only half distance, which runs through the participants receiving the low-fat diet.Why is that?The fact that the fat provides much less energy than glucose contained in the carbohydrates.Include in your diet more pasta, fish and low-calorie yogurt - and be full of energy all day long!