The strange story of revenge

stories of revenge story of a woman who, after learning that her husband has a mistress for three, glued his genitals to his own leg with superglue - not the most bizarre story of revenge.Among the deceived wives, there are more sophisticated ladies.

burning of four mobile phones

One couple from China had a successful mobile phone shop.But it so happened that her husband wanted to divorce his wife.Divorce because divorce.But after the marriage was dissolved, and the property is divided, the former wife of her husband set fire to the store.Fired four brand new mobile phones.

Traps under voltage 110V for his beloved wife

man from Arkansas blocked the entrance to the bedroom metal grid under stress - this is usually enclose corrals.Perhaps he really did not have enough personal space.After the divorce, it must remain more than enough.

dog excrement husband for lunch

Angry at her husband's wrongdoing, the details of which were not disclosed, a resident of Scotland named Jill Martin had prepared for him a curry with the addition of a certain amount of dog excrement.Attend court heard Gill after her husband filed a dish and watched as he began to eat it, burst out laughing.Judging by the fact that her husband then gave his wife to court, he still survived.

Arson genitals husband

According to Moscow police, the woman set fire to her husband's penis when her husband naked, standing in front of the TVHe drank vodka.Her action was the completion of three years is not a very happy life together.While we can not say for sure whether the victim's genital organ to function as before.