How to calm your nerves: life a pleasure

calm nerves word "nerve" comes from the Latin term nervus.The same concept of old and designated a stringed musical instrument - strained ringing, ready to tear by careless touch.Emotional stress, stressful situations are present in every human life, and therefore, the question - how to calm the nerves - is now more than relevant.

To put milk?

Because of what people are nervous?The reasons can be many.This conflict situations at work or home, family problems, a catastrophic shortage of time, the burden of responsibility and so on.In some cases, you just blink complacency and take a deep breath - for example, after the rulers.But sometimes come into itself only with the help of a specialist - a psychologist or therapist.

urgency of the problem is confirmed by the results of a survey conducted in 2008, the research center portal SuperJob.According to these data, the most nervous profession is now a journalism (especially news, considering witnessed some unpleasant events are often journalists and reporters).In second place, oddly enough - labor specialist shots that most of the time necessary to devote to work directly with people.

In third place - accountants, followed by secretaries, teachers, lawyers and doctors.Obviously, most of these professions - the so-called office, and thus the conclusion that the best way to calm your nerves - exercise.However, the change does not necessarily work, but to make adjustments to their way of life is necessary.

magic pill

to soothe, one bite the tip of a pencil, others - walk around the room, the third count to ten,but someone "breaks" in the family.For example, Alec Baldwin for a long time could not come to his senses after the divorce with Kim Basinger, and the arm of actor often came across their twelve-year-daughter (against which repeatedly sounded offensive insults, according to eyewitnesses).

It is obvious that such a state permit is not necessary, which means - you need to find a way to calm your nerves.In some cases the effects can occur if you take certain drugs to help cope with nervousness.The most famous among them - of course, valerian, checked more than one generation medicine that helps to pull myself together and find peace.

Someone can help and recipes of traditional medicine.For example, a lemon liqueur, prepared with ground eggshell, or a decoction of the fruit of coriander.More serious drugs are usually taken courses have contraindications, and therefore must be administered by a specialist.

pull myself together

However, before testing for all the stocks of drug stores, you can try to calm down on their own by doing some exercises.As it is known, is able to provide sedation view slowly flowing water, watching that man can very long.For this purpose, shops selling artificial mini-fountains, waterfalls with moving pictures and so on.

If these design refinements within walking distance is not observed, they can be present: dive headlong into the cool water, which envelops, caresses, brings to life, and then leaked into the funnel - and with it goes the excitement and fear.This way, you can call, closing his eyes just a few seconds - and then again to take up the case, but sober.

It helps to calm the various actions with your fingers, the tips of which focused a lot of nerve endings.So, you can get distracted and concentrate using a crochet or knitting.According to Japanese legend, to fold a thousand paper cranes identical to fulfill every wish.It is not known whether origami helps in the dream, but this activity clearly contributes to peace.

Finally, you need to change your lifestyle as excessive nervousness - is a direct result of improper treatment, and low self-esteem.Enjoying the environment, the absence of mandatory daily achievements and continuous self, smile and humor in relation to the problems - in this perception of reality does not require any extra effort to calm the nerves.

Darya Tsvetkova