Being a real woman: Is there any canon?

be a real woman «She's a real woman" - this phrase, or the same, but with the particle "not" we hear quite often.It sounds convincing and compelling, but too vague.And yet, what it means to be a real woman?

  • make their own decisions.Formulate your own opinion about politics, family life, interpersonal relationships, faith, and other issues that are important to you.The opinion of this woman must not depend on the views of a spouse, father, mother, friends, or anyone else.It is able to make their own conclusions;On the other hand, it is quite open to new ideas and opinions.
  • Know your priorities.Learn to see the difference between what is merely urgent matter, and what is really important.This woman knows how to sweep aside all that has no real meaning and to give their full time and attention to the most important.She understands that what other people consider important, not necessarily be so for her, and vice versa.
  • learn to trust others and deserve their trust.It is not necessary to constantly monitor everything and everyone, and sometimes you can relax and shift at least some of their responsibilities to others.This woman trusts her friends and she deserves their trust.
  • take care of themselves.This means - to take care of the mind, body and soul.Exercise, never stop learning.Real women know that it is not selfish, and very important for the well-being - as some of her own and her family.
  • Give and receive love and sympathy with gratitude.Do not hesitate to ask for help, support or something else.With the willingness to respond to the request;help others with joy and all their energy.
  • liberate their creative energy.Each person in a present my degree creativity, or creative streak.This woman is using the creative energy of happy and productive.Do not be afraid to share the fruits of their creativity with loved ones or with a large audience of strangers on the Internet.
  • Do not be afraid of hard work and sweat.Women do not want to be weak, delicate, pampered creatures.They are not afraid to get dirty, sweaty and fight off a finger with a hammer.And after the hard work they reward themselves rest - and not necessarily prepared three-course meal.
  • be beautiful.This woman looks good.She does not walk around the house in his dressing gown, and does not appear in front of home uncombed.She was always well-groomed, knows this and like herself.
  • To maintain dignity of this woman does not need diamonds, a spa and a subscription to the beauty salon.They, of course, she could be, but without them, it feels great.This woman knows that she is in itself - worth and external attributes does not affect this belief.
  • Obey, but not to be doormats.The real woman is able to set aside their own interests for the sake of another person, but only on their own.It does not allow to force yourself to anything else.Freedom - one of the main values ​​for it.