How to be happy: the path to harmony

be happy Some people believe that happiness is unattainable that regularly arise circumstances that prevent a person feel happy.American director Woody Allen, for example, argues that life is of two kinds - a terrible and unfortunate.Is this true?Happiness - the category of absolute or relative?And finally, the main question - how to be happy?

What is happiness?

According to opinion polls, half of the residents of Russia for happiness is not enough money, twelve percent of the necessary good job, eleven percent are in need of love, six - in the free time, and two - in entertainment.And only three percent consider themselves happy.

This statistic reflects the perception of happiness most people - as a combination of some external circumstances, the presence or absence of which is dependent on the satisfaction, life and the world around them.Indeed, sometimes it seems that it is necessary only to achieve a specific goal (to make money, buy a house, get married, and so on), as the happiness will come by itself.

In connection with this interesting survey of representatives of the rating of the richest people (Forbes).Most oddly, did not consider themselves happier than usual inhabitants of the planet.As one of the billionaires - when sinking "Titanic", there is no difference - to escape from the hold of the cabin or first class.

So what is happiness?Psychologists who study this phenomenon agree that happiness - is the inner state that can be achieved regardless of external events.Happiness - is:

  • positive outlook on life, the anticipation of good.English psychologist Richard Uaysmen conducted an interesting study - talking with both those who consider themselves lucky and those who are confident in their own chronic bad luck.The conclusion is - the decisive factor is the general mood, ability to see the positive things in any situation - and to benefit from them for themselves.
  • ability to make other people happy.The old folk wisdom - Dari others what he would get from them."The law of the boomerang" on which all good and evil, perpetrated by people back sooner or later, according to psychologists, there.
  • nesuetnoy, the ability to be sincere and to enjoy life in all its manifestations.Not by chance childhood usually comes to mind as the most happy time - and this is the time when a man does not seek to unattainable goals, open to experience, and is not shy about his emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code and feelings.
  • harmony with the environment and with the ability to make himself and the circumstances of life as they are.Thus, according to British research organizations, the happiest country was named the tiny (only two hundred thousand inhabitants), the state of Vanuatu, located in the Pacific Islands.The economy, which is close to the natural lack of aggressive industrial corporations, peace and tranquility, beautiful environment - at this point people may not care about, so happy.By comparison, the United States in the list is on the one hundred and fiftieth place, and Russia - one hundred seventy-two (one hundred seventy-eight countries).

Be happy - it is work

Of course, there is a certain stock character, happy owners who give others a positive - and get it themselves daily.But most still need to work on yourself.After all, to be happy is only one way - to feel so.How to achieve this?Psychologists suggest to start with simple rules that should get in the habit:

  • adjusted only good to drive away gloomy thoughts;
  • smile more often, even if do not want to do that;
  • live in the present, not building far-reaching plans are not writing out their lives in the next few years;
  • more rest, to walk, to devote time hobbies;
  • love.It inspires a feeling like no other;
  • keep a diary to help analyze emotions and to work on the bugs.

Finally, you just need to remember that there is no universal formula for happiness and can not be, it at everyone.Happiness - a state of mind to which you aspire.

Darya Tsvetkova