How to cheer up: a holiday every day

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cheers up

sometimes stretched Monday for a week, and in a bad mood and apathyhinder relax on the weekends.The reason for a bad mood can be different - you might be exasperated boss, do not understand the domestic, laundry, or accumulated.Regardless of the circumstances, you can use the simple but effective ways to lift your mood, distributing them on the day of the week.If until Sunday a bad mood will not leave you, Monday repeat again.

Call a friend

Well, do not tushuytes.Pick up the phone and call someone.Do not use e-mail.Email correspondence is impersonal, devoid of emotion Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code (no matter how many smiles you have not used), and will never replace live communication.Talking with a friend or acquaintance, you cheer and feel the influx of endorphins - the hormone responsible for good mood.

Write a letter to a relative

see above advice about e-mail.Select a loved one, which have not communicated, and write him how much his love and appreciate how glad he is in your life.Or just write what happens to you, tell a funny story or anecdote - in short, anything that raises the spirits.


is not obligatory to sweat in the gym to feel better.Go for a walk, get some fresh air.If the weather is not too has to take walks, go to the mall, if possible.Just move, do not lie on the couch.Believe me, you will feel the difference.

Forgive yourself

On a sheet of paper, write what you think, you did "wrong" in the past, or list their shortcomings and omissions.Forgive yourself.Completely.If you are not sure that you can be forgiven for wrongdoing done, choose a less serious "transgression", which you can afford to let go.

Take a relaxing bath or an invigorating shower

You may have already washed in the morning, but warm relaxing bubble bath or douche Douches - effectiveness is proven time Douches - effectiveness is proven time help you brush up on the perception and in new wayslook at the situation.

Place your order

sometimes mess around evokes a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.If you are in the office, use your lunch break to clean up trash on the desktop and unnecessary papers.House select a room and point it in order.Perhaps we should start with cleaning the space organization, where you throw the bills, keys and other small items.Organization of the surrounding area will help to organize thoughts and lift your spirits.

Plan a lunch or dinner in the restaurant

Choose one day next week and invite a friend or loved (favorite) for lunch or dinner.Firstly, you now have something to look forward to in anticipation of a future meeting, and secondly, you will be able to visit a new restaurant.

Set yourself achievable goal

turns out that if you imagine that our busy life - it's just a collection of many small, but doable task, we can feel the joy and satisfaction of even the most insignificant achievement.Unfortunately, this conventional wisdom is known not to everyone, and for most of us, life has become a race in a vicious circle, with no end in any pleasure.Promise yourself to make three statements on work this week or cook dinner - twice.Agree, this is no big deal, but the satisfaction you get when you complete the task.

Start a blog

It may be thanks blog, logbook, literary or kinodnevnik (which you record impressions of the books they read or watched movies).Blog can be paper or virtual.Its purpose - to serve as a platform for any statements, including the negative that brings us to the point of 10 ...

Give vent to emotions

As weep.If you have lost a loved one or suffered another loss, it is best to give vent to tears.Let go with them and bad emotion.Do not count on immediate relief, but after a while you feel better.In no case do not keep emotions in themselves, especially anger, despair or disappointment - they destroy.Call a friend or relative, share with them their grief.

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