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how to get wife The first thing you need to do to cope with the difficulty- to stop suffering and start troubleshooting.Broke up the marriage - is no exception.Of course, the rift in your relationship with my wife has a lot of hidden psychological causes, but their detection and analysis you can do later.Now you have to cease to be those to whom your wife, like other women, biologically predisposed not to feel sympathy and even more attraction.That is, stop being weak, passive, and too obedient and ready for anything.For reasons originating in biology and evolution, women are looking for a strong man who can protect them.And men do not respect women who forgive them everything.

most affected are people who do not like to "play games."But you know what?You are participating in the game, even if it did not give consent, do not know and do not want to know its rules.Men and women unconsciously constantly check each other that if I got a partner, whether it is strong enough, he will stand it?And this is?Whether you like it or not, you have to be a player, and if so, it is better to be strong.

Yes, after the break, on whose fault it may have occurred, it is difficult to remain strong, but it is essential.

And it's not as difficult as you think.It is necessary to do only ten errors.

Error №1.Trying to be too nice and accommodating, and believe that it will help

How many times have you heard that girls (and women, and your wife, too) like bad guys, yet realized the meaning of this statement?Or have not realized?

You can not just agree with everything that says a wife and expect that you will have a great relationship.Do not believe me?Look from this point of view in each of interesting stories there is a conflict, right?In "Star Wars" is a good and evil forces, family dramas and melodramas, too, always something restless.

creates a conflict of interest.If you do not have any relationship conflicts, everyone gets bored.Being too nice is to be passive, insecure, anxious and predictable.It's boring.

And that's not all.The conflict provides an opportunity to develop.There is no conflict - no questions - no answers and discoveries - no development.Again, it is boring.

you want that in your relationship was the spark?And you need that a spark?Friction ... Draw your own conclusions.

error №2.Trying to convince his wife to return, using logical arguments

Some girls better not to return, they are so brain stem their guys that are just happy to learn that the favorite escape.But if you have children, it is desirable to keep the marriage

you do not save a marriage by means of logic.You can find a logical reason for the divorce, but in the opposite direction, this method is not working.You can not convince a person to feel sympathy for you, love you, want to be with you.Emotion and Logic - different phenomena.

Instead of persuading his wife to come back, you have to do something that will cause her emotional response.Declaration of love, laid out candles or balloons, reference to it on radio or television, a flock of pigeons, released into the air when it comes out of the house, or ... Be creative and implement.

Error №3.Pretend to be a pad feet

How many people begged her favorite: "Please stay, I'll do anything you want ..." Do not do it.Most likely, then she immediately lose respect for you.And if not - you pobudet some time errand boy, cook and cleaner, and a couple of months it will cease to respect you.And at the first opportunity would prefer someone strong.

And maybe a third option - you arrange it as an obedient householder.How long will you fulfill all her whims?As soon as the stop - it rightfully say that you have deceived her, and again from you leave.And if you continue to be a "manual", you lose self-esteem.In any case, there will be nothing good.So never beg his wife to come back.

Error №4.Wife showered with flowers and gifts

errors made.And to hell with them.Continue as written.I also got into the top ten.Last year was behaving as if it is not an error, and instructions on how to return

Ever heard that love can not be bought?With flowers and gifts to express the sympathy of well, gratitude and love, but not to restore relations.In fact, it might scare.Whatever you think about his gifts, they are betraying your wife the following message: I'm not good enough to take me and love for my dignity, so I buy for the money that should attract it.Even if she likes what you give her, it does not return her feelings for you.

Error №5.Every five minutes, repeating "I love you»

fall into this trap is very easy, because many people believe that as soon as his wife will understand how much you love her, she immediately gladly come back to you.It is a misconception.It is not nearly like the truth."I really love you" - not what he wants to hear from you ex-wife.She needs to see that you are doing.For your life together, she must have heard from you a lot of nice words, they are now able to bring her back.

Error №6.Forget about the attractiveness

Guys, take any action, something more than candy or bouquet of flowers.From my husband, too, I was gone, and I will stick to this strategy

Too many people completely forget that you need to attract the opposite sex, making what would attract them or just like them -others words, people of the same sex.

No, it's not that you are gay or behave as gay.Just men and women tend to be attracted to different things.For example, men in women often like appearance, women in men - personality.Of course, important to you, and the identity of the woman, but for her matter what you look like, but we're talking about what attracts the average person the most.So when going to a meeting with his ex-wife in the first place do not think about the costume and hairstyle, and that will say and do.And take care of that body language does not contradict your words.

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