Afobazol - indications for use are wide enough

afobazol readings Afobazol - it's an easy day tranquilizer that can be taken in case of functional disorders of the nervous system.Such disorders often develop not only the stress and high loads, but also against the backdrop of long flowing chronic diseases of internal organs.

Afobazol with nervousness

Neurosis - is a functional disorder of the nervous system, which can develop on the background of nervous and mental overload and stress.Very often neuroses develop in people with certain personality traits, such as too hypochondriac, constantly waiting for some bad news.Often these people see in a dark ambient light, it seems that they all pay attention and condemnation, and so on.

So people with anxious-hypochondriac character traits will help good treatment afobazole.A week later, receiving afobazol remove increased anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? and constant expectation of danger.This will allow people to better adapt to the team and better quality to do their work, especially since afobazol causes lethargy and relaxation, it is, on the contrary, it activates.From what has passed anxiety, normal sleep.

Take afobazol the neuroses of the tablet (10 mg) three times a day.The course of treatment typically lasts four weeks, after which the normal state of the nervous system is kept for a further two weeks.

When hormonal disorders in women

Hormonal women closely associated with the work of the central nervous system, in particular with the work of the hypothalamus -part of the brain that "team" the whole endocrine system.In violation of the hypothalamus in women can develop premenstrual syndrome (PMS) - the signs of neurosis Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock and autonomic disorders in the days before menstruation.A woman who suffers from PMS, knows that before menstruation she becomes a different person: irritable, sometimes angry, aggressive.At work, she constantly have conflicts, at home - family quarrels Family quarrels and their consequences - whether skeit broken dishes? Family quarrels and their consequences - whether skeit broken dishes? .In addition, concerned different vegetative disorders: sweating, trembling hands, "galloping" blood pressure and so on.

In order to mitigate the symptoms of PMS in a week prior to their appearance afobazol women are prescribed a tablet three times a day for two weeks.These courses can be carried out several menstrual cycles in a row.Of course, not afobazol appointed independently and as part of a treatment.But he was able to significantly improve health by removing tension and irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper .Simultaneously, under the influence of afobazole normal state of the autonomic nervous system.

In chronic diseases of the digestive system

any chronic disease, especially if they are accompanied by frequent relapses, lead to the formation of functional disorders of the nervous system.In addition, the activities of all the internal organs are closely related to the central nervous system and all the excitement and nervous and mental stress cause worsening of such diseases.

example, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer patients, even recommended to change jobs if it is associated with constant stress.Indeed, this disease is a clear connection with exacerbations neuro-mental load.The same applies to other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and biliary tract.

Afobazol in chronic diseases of the digestive system is appointed as part of a complex of anti-treatment twice a year, in spring and autumn.In addition, he was appointed and an exacerbation of the disease.The course of preventive treatment is usually carried out within two to four weeks (at the discretion of the doctor), afobazol take one tablet three times a day.

In chronic cardiovascular diseases

Yet probably no body responds to stress so quickly and seriously as the cardiovascular system.When stress angina heart pain makes attacks more frequent and prolonged.When high blood pressure (hypertension) can cause stress hypertensive crises.They may also be more frequent bouts of cardiac arrhythmias (such as atrial fibrillation episodes).

In cardiovascular diseases afobazol administered as courses of different duration - it all depends on the patient.In any case afobazol capable of improving the quality of life of these patients.

Afobazol other diseases

Afobazol widely used in bronchial asthma, chronic skin diseases and cancer, chronic alcoholism and drug addiction.It is prescribed to people who are trying to quit smoking and so on.

Afobazol help improve the condition of patients with many diseases, which are accompanied by a functional disorder of the nervous system.

Galina Romanenko