The proven way to bring back his wife: start with introspection

a proven way to bring his wife What exactly to do in order to win back his wife, largely depends on your situation.If the divorce was very difficult, and you need to give yourself and your wife time to heal the wounds a little bit before you try to take real steps to reclaim his wife.

you recently broke up?Was the gap is very difficult and painful?Who was it initiated?She left you?Did you leave her?What was the real reason for divorce?

Immediately after the break in you boils too many emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , so you can really act reasonably.This is another reason that is better to wait a while before doing anything.

Try to distract, doing something useful: you can walk away with his head in the job seriously interested in sports, hobby, learn a new language (Spanish or C ++).In this difficult period is very dangerous tempted to numb the pain with alcohol.Lodging can be difficult, and if your wife finds out, she decides that the right to do, leave you.

When you have calmed down a bit, it's time to do an analysis of the situation.Honestly tell yourself what role you played in a divorce themselves.If your wife initiated the divorce, it may very well be that you did something wrong.

accuse ex-wife and make it responsible for the current situation - a simple, but the wrong way.We must remember that and to create, and to break the relationship always takes two.Be honest with yourself.Try to understand what your mistake, and when it became clear that, give up the behavior that led to the divorce.Or decide for yourself, you do not want to go to such concessions - then your wife will likely not be able to recover, and you have to admit it.If you are ready to restore relations, follow these tips:

  • Pay more attention to it if you want to return it

Nobody likes when they do not pay enough attention, but she put up with it especially difficult.And they are right.Caution - a vital component of any relationship.

  • Men and women have different ideas about the emotional support

If you want to return the wife, you need to figure out what kind of support it wants from you.She just is not enough words she needed actions.You can buy her something that would give her to understand that you really care about her.Not jewels, but something practical and functional - what is it you need, not what will please any woman at all.

  • Do not change it!

This is obvious, but still, if she left you because you cheated on her, and you can imagine - to return to his wife, it is necessary to put an end to the deception.Well, if you just like to sleep with other women, you do not deserve to be his wife returned to you, so live as you like, and leave her alone.

  • If you are in the process of divorce and living together, help her around the house

do the cleaning, cook, water the flowers, screw the light bulb, make repairs, which has long been delayed.What are you doing, talking about your feelings more than your words.

to return his wife, treat her with respect and take care of it - that's what women want from men in the first place.You will have to change something in yourself to become more mature in charge - because now you start anew.