Sexual attraction - chemistry for two

sex appeal Sexual attraction - the concept is very difficult.One and the same person by other people perceived differently.Someone like it, someone pushes.This chemistry on a very subtle level, which everyone feels differently.



happens to you is: a friend told you about the man with whom you, in her opinion, just need to meet?She described it so that you were looking forward to the game, but when it finally took place, nothing remarkable happened.The man has been objectively beautiful, well-groomed, polite and intelligent, but ....looking at him, you did not feel anything at all.This is what happens between people when there is no "sexual chemistry" - a very unpredictable and unforgettable event.It happens in a different way: "chemistry" there is between you and the person who is, like, totally not your style, but you feel for him an almost irresistible attraction.

sex appeal associated with chemistry not just - we really are attracted to certain people as a result of chemical processes.In one famous experiment, the researchers examined the brain activity of 75 passionate couples.It turned out that when a person thinks about being in love is, or looks at him, first of all is activated the ventral tegmental area of ​​the midbrain - a small region of the brain where dopamine is produced - a natural stimulant.It causes a person burst of energy, increasing motivation, uplifting, passion and even obsession - feeling rather typical for sexual desire than romantic love.

believed that the ventral tegmental area of ​​the midbrain begins to actively work when we see a man, perfect for pairing - and he does not have to be the most beautiful and friendly.This part of the brain is one of the most ancient, and operates virtually as well as in animals selects a suitable partner and is sexually attracted to him as soon as possible to conceive a future offspring - she does not care about what you need to finish university, get onfeet, to buy an apartment.The newer parts of the brain, as well as lessons in parenting behaviors do not give instincts take over;They often force us to choose partners who are not carriers of the genetic material of the highest quality, but have a high level of intellectual development, a stable income, and so on.Nevertheless, the sexual attraction in its pure form, without all kinds of plaque convention, unmistakably indicates only arises chemistry between people.


external sex appeal

Nowadays few people rely when choosing a partner only "chemistry".Over the millennia of evolution of human thought it was very reasonable, and it rarely allows himself to give in to instincts.However, the outward signs are still very important factors that people choosing partners estimate almost unconsciously.That's what men find most attractive in women:

  • long hair.To grow long, healthy hair takes years.Healthy hair indicates that the woman is healthy and is a good candidate for a joint partner in furnishing the offspring.
  • gentle, feminine voice.Despite the fact that women, not men, like ears, men love the gentle voice.Many men complain that women today are increasingly talking coarse, low voices, which may appeal to deprive even beauty.Note: when you speak in a soft voice, men are less likely you are denied.Or remember how little girls something to ask from their fathers high, melodious voice and stern men are melting before our eyes.Tall, soft voice - a sign of youth, easy nature, the absence of serious problems in life ... well, it is an attribute of a woman, which dreams of most men.
  • feminine clothes.At a time when jeans and sneakers win the hearts of women simplicity and convenience, men miss dresses, skirts and blouses.From their point of view sex appeal - it is, above all, femininity, and it should not hide, and carefully maintains.
  • Beautiful lips.Men like to look at the female lips: they awaken in them a lot of desires and fantasies.Regardless of whether you have full lips or not, carefully look after them (and special moisturizing scrubs), and often use lipstick and lip gloss Lip Gloss, which increases the amount of - innocent deception Lip Gloss, which increases the amount of - innocent deception .
  • Pure soft leather.This is another sign of health, in which a man unknowingly dressed women able to give them a healthy offspring.Twice a day, cleans and moisturizes the skin, eat right, if necessary, consult a dermatologist or beautician - the result is worth the effort.
  • glittering eyes - another indicator of good health, as well as an optimistic attitude.There is no such pessimistic eyes, and men feel the most sexy positive, cheerful woman with whom you can forget about everyday problems.
  • Posture.A person with good posture Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight under any circumstances attractive one whose back is reminiscent of a question mark.Straight back subconsciously perceived as a sign of confidence and emancipation - is the quality of the person with whom you want to go to a closer dialogue.


Signs that a man finds you sexually attractive

  • sweaty palms - is the result of heart palpitations during a meeting with an attractive target.However, they can point to certain diseases, so that rely on this feature can not.
  • Mirroring.People of both sexes begin to "otzerkalivat" movement and posture a person who is sexually attractive.Moreover, they are beginning to use the same words and phrases as the source, and similarly make a pause in his speech.
  • change in tone of voice.As a rule, men talk to women more sexually attractive in a low voice than usual.
  • change in posture.The man straightens his back, puffing out his chest and his hands in the genital area.
  • touch.In our culture, it is not taken without having to touch the other person, and a light touch usually indicates sexual attraction to a man.