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sexuality sexuality plays an important role in human life, regardless of gender, age, nationality.Sexuality is called a vast area, which includes biological, psychological, social and other reactions and functions, such as natural as breathing or digestion.Unlike animals, human sexuality is manifested not only for the sake of procreation.In addition, human sexuality, in addition to instincts, regulate cultural characteristics of the society in which he lives, different social aspects, the current legislation in the country, and many other factors.


Biological aspects of sexuality

Talking about sexuality usually begins with biology, namely - with hormones.In fact, it was the hormones are the driving force of human sexual behavior.In recent years, functions of hormones have been studied extensively;they have learned to get by artificial means, and used for medical purposes.

The same hormones: women - estrogen and progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology , and male - androgens, present in the body for both women and men, but in different concentrations.Androgens regulate the development of sexual characteristics in boys, and are responsible for the implementation of sexual function in men.Testosterone - the main androgen is associated not only with male sexuality Male sexuality - Myths and Facts Male sexuality - Myths and Facts , but also with aggressive behavior.

Female sex hormones regulate the menstrual cycle and reproductive function in general, but whether they are related to sexual desire in women, has not yet been established.Perhaps the female libido, male-like, affect testosterone, which is also produced in women, but in small quantities.


Psychological aspects of sexuality

Since man - a social animal, his sexuality is defined not only biology is very important that he learns about sex throughout life, from early childhood.Even as a child a person in real life and in the movies sees how men treat women, how to create a family, in which there are children.He still does not understand why this happens, but it formed an idea of ​​what it is - right.If a child sees many examples of unhappy families, or he is growing in such a family, in the future, it can have a variety of problems in the sexual sphere.The same could happen if the child is punished severely for what he learns own genitals (as do all the children - this is a common manifestation of a healthy curiosity about one's own body).After punishing any expression of sexuality can cause a person a sense of guilt or anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? and sometimes to solve a similar problem requires professional help.A total ban on a date with the opposite sex (this is especially often face women) in puberty can also have a detrimental effect not sexuality.

On the other hand, sexuality is developing normally, if the child is able to satisfy the curiosity of a child in this area (ie, instead of "you still too early to know about this," the parents answered the questions to the age of the child), and if he neverWe made it clear that there is something immoral and dirty.Examples of happy, harmonious pair, first of all - their parents, too, have a positive effect on the development of sexuality.


Facts about the brain and human sexuality

size is really important.Preoptic area of ​​the hypothalamus, which regulates many aspects of sexuality, male twice than in women, and contains twice as many cells.This difference between the two parts of the brain appears around the age of four years.

«Not tonight, dear, I have a headache."For years, women who do not want to have sex, referred to a headache, and recent studies have shown that women who suffer from migraines, libido significantly higher than those who regularly occur usual headaches.Probably all a matter of serotonin.High levels of serotonin is associated with low libido, while found that people who suffer from migraine headaches, lowered levels of serotonin.According to polls, 30% of women who had sex during a migraine attack, the pain was weaker at 5.3% - has increased, and at 17.5% it is completely gone.Pretty hard to imagine that someone has sex with a severe headache, from which not even save painkillers, but 17.5% - this figure, because of which it is worth trying to overcome the pain.In addition, a high libido between attacks can be considered as a compensation for the painful hours when a migraine once again makes itself felt.

How is affection.One manifestation of sexuality - the formation of attachment, which can be good if you get attached to a reliable partner, but it does not always happen: sometimes you are drawn to a person against all logic and with full understanding that you have a common future can not be.The fact is that during orgasm produces the hormone oxytocin - the same one that stands out and lactation.As a consequence, there is an attachment to the person with whom you have experienced an orgasm, and to overcome it is extremely difficult.

How do we decide who we are attracted?Studies have shown that when we are looking at a potential partner in the first place activated part of the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex, which has two fields: one decides what / who is attractive as a whole, the second - is what attracts us.For example, if the first area concludes that Ryan Gosling is very attractive, and the second determines that you personally still like Johnny Depp.However, the most sexy for us are the people who cause a reaction ventromedial prefrontal cortex - it emits an attractive face.


of sexual

  • Heterosexuality - attracted only to the opposite sex.
  • Homosexuality - attracted only to people of your gender.
  • bisexuality - attraction to persons of both sexes;sometimes bisexual man gives preference to partners of the same or opposite sex, but can still have sex Sexual relations: how to bring passion Sexual relations: how to bring passion with both.
  • asexuality - lack of sexual attraction to people of any gender.
  • Transsexuality - identifying themselves with sex that is different from their own biological sex.
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