How to improve memory - proven methodologies

  • How to improve memory - proven methodologies
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improve memory There are a few simple ways to develop memory.With the help of simple tools and a lot of time you can confidently begin to remember people's names and important information about them.Having a good memory for faces, and personal information and the ability to store a variety of information you can not just make a good impression, but also to gain a good attitude on the part of strangers.Naturally, the development of memory does not set itself the aim to impress people with your knowledge, but it also has important value for society.

On what to pay attention in the first place?

  • exercises every day

How exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe Myths about exercise: do not believe strengthen the muscles and improve the health and exercise for the brain to increase communication between brain cells, creating new connections and improve memory.

fun way to improve your memory - it is solving problems and puzzles, for example, solving sudoku puzzles or collecting.These games enhance memory, because you have to determine the relationship between objects and to form associations.

human brain stores information is easy, but to restore it is necessary to create the effect relationship linking the information with other parts of memory.Thus, the creation of new connections in the game helps to train the brain.

  • daily activities

It's all about observation.Alternatively, you can verbalize aloud their actions, use all the senses.At first, this method may seem silly, but it works!

Drawing attention to the everyday actions that are not registered in the memory of some of the sensory organs, the brain can use signals from other senses.

essence of this method in the practice of concentration on the daily current job.

key component to be able to extract from the memory components is their visual communication with other components.The brain is easier to remember images than uninteresting letters or numbers.This is a very simple technique, but it requires practice.

  • Visualization

visualizing what you need to remember, you can eliminate the need to memorize a large number of words!Using imagination, we can recall the movie, even the episodes in great detail.It is a powerful tool for improving memory.Linking pictures illustrating the information in a meaningful sequence, you can create your movie.

Visual memory is much more verbal.Adding visual elements to your information, you can significantly facilitate its memorization.It is important training.

  • Warnings

Games for the development of memory development of memory - Play wizard The development of memory - Play wizard and tests for memory - great ways to strengthen the links between brain cells create new connections and improve memory.Moreover, this is an exciting and productive employment!

Communication between brain cells change every day we learn something new and gain new experiences.Which is good, because there are always ways to strengthen these links and thus enhance memory.

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