Afobazol - Instructions for use: how the drug

afobazol User Afobazol - it's an easy day tranquilizer that has both anti-anxiety and light stimulating effect.In doing so, afobazole not formed psychic and physical dependence and after treatment with this drug there is no withdrawal.The drug has been applied in the treatment of anxiety disorders are mainly functional character.

mechanism of action afobazole

Afobazol (active ingredient - morfolinoetiltioetoksibenzimidazola dihydrochloride) - a tranquilizer and anxiolytic - a substance that relieves anxiety mainly in the neuroses, without causing pronounced antipsychotic action.Afobazol produces domestic pharmaceutical company Pharmstandard in tablets of 10 mg.

afobazole peculiarity is that it does not cause lethargy and sleepiness, in contrast, has a slight activating effect, thus removing anxiety.Therefore afobazol take the afternoon - it is considered day tranquilizer.It relieves anxiety, tension, irritability, weakness, feeling constantly impending danger, allows a person to gather strength and to adapt to the team.

therapeutic effect is achieved in a week after the start of treatment, the maximum effect - a month.After one month of treatment effect is maintained for a further one to two weeks.

Afobazol non-toxic, does not cause skeletal muscle relaxation, it has no adverse effects on memory and concentration.This drug does not cause addiction and drug dependence.

Afobazol well relieves tension in the internal organs and the autonomic nervous system, so it is widely used in the complex therapy in various diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, and so on.

afobazole peculiarity is that it does not enhance the effects of alcohol and some other psychotropic drugs Psychotropic drugs and their effect on the brain Psychotropic drugs and their effect on the brain (eg, thiopental).But he may increase the effects of certain anticonvulsants (eg, carbamazepine) and tranquilizers (eg, diazepam).

Afobazol especially shown to take people with anxious-hypochondriac character traits, self-doubt, too emotional.After oral administration, the drug is distributed in organs with a strong circulation and excreted from the body in about half an hour.

Indications and contraindications for receiving

Afobazol appointed the following diseases and conditions:

  • under general anxiety disorders, neurasthenia, adjustment disorders in society;
  • in various diseases of internal organs (asthma, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, including high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias), skin, cancer, and other diseases;
  • insomnia caused increased anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? and anticipation of trouble;
  • in the vegetative-vascular disorders in the brain;
  • premenstrual syndrome - increased irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper up to social maladjustment, before menstruation;
  • the syndrome of hangover (withdrawal syndrome) in patients with chronic alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction.

Contraindications afobazole are:

  • age of 18 years;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice breast;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug.

Side effects

afobazole Side effects may occur only in the form of hypersensitivity to the drug, which can be both allergic and non-allergic in nature.

afobazole overdose is rare, and can manifest as pronounced calming (sedative) action and drowsiness, but without significant relaxing effect on the skeletal muscles.If symptoms of overdose the stomach should be cleaned and to take a few tablets of activated charcoal.Assign also antidote - 20% of the caffeine-sodium benzoate as a subcutaneous injection.

How to take afobazol

Afobazol can be purchased over the counter without a prescription, but it is better if it is prescribed by a doctor after a preliminary examination.

Take afobazol inside half an hour after eating the tablet (10 mg) three times a day (30 mg daily).The standard course of treatment - from two weeks to a month.In some cases, prescription dosage and duration of the course afobazole increase (up to 60 mg per day, and up to three months).

Afobazol - non-toxic and non-addictive drug that activates and well relieves anxiety.It can be in the home medicine cabinet.

Galina Romanenko