What she wants to say, how to decipher the body language of the girls

how to decipher the body language of the girls Perhaps she was too well-mannered to send you in plain text, but her body does not lie.Look better for her gestures and movements - and realize that really thinks about you girl.

Unfortunately, men (mostly) are not endowed with the ability of the Jedi.If it were the other way around, how easy it would be to approach any woman you like - you can not just read her mind, but also to control them.

But do not despair: even thought women can not be read, you can "read" her gestures and facial expressions.Remember - the body language sometimes speaks volumes.Her way of sitting, standing, tilt of the head will tell you what a woman is thinking at the moment.The ability to decipher body language, of course, is not clairvoyance in its pure form, but makes women no less impressive, because it gives a man the attention to detail - the quality, especially appreciate the fair sex.

How on behavior and gestures woman can understand whether it is interested in the continuation of dating, or are you wasting your time?

She turns to you ... navel

Undoubtedly, a good sign if she stripped down to her underwear.But is not the case.There is a "rule of the navel": if the girl turns you belly, she likes you.If the girl's stomach turned toward the exit, she wants to get rid of your company.

It concerns Hair

Some men annoying when she pulls her hair - they believe that since it is trying to attract attention, and flirting.But in fact, everything is much simpler: touching the hair means that she likes you.The girl and then straightens her hair, because subconsciously wants to look attractive and like the man.

It shows the heels

If a girl lifts the foot and heel shows, it means that you have managed to convince her that you are not a homicidal maniac, and she feels comfortable in your society.In general, keep you on the right track.If the girl's legs crossed, and she shakes her half off her shoes, that's a good sign - it's not going to run away from you.

She smiles broadly

you climb out of the skin, trying to cheer up the girl, and her lips pressed tightly together in the forced smile?Stop, take a deep breath and say goodbye.Smirk - demonstration of condescension or contempt, that is, of moral superiority.So, she does not think you are equal, and all of your efforts to achieve its location is doomed to failure.Whatever you do, nothing will work.Half-smile - a sentence that can not be appealed.

She touches your arm

If you're already an hour entertain Woman wildly funny joke, and it does not say that it is boring, do not rush to accept defeat because it does not touch your hand and not changeposes.It is possible that she just always sitting, or just nervous.However, if during a call girl pose changes, becomes more constrained, she folds his arms across his chest and concatenates them to the castle, you can start to worry.Check this theory thus: Put a thread of contrasting color sleeves that can not be overlooked.If a girl is pulled to remove the string you are interested it, and it makes sense to continue the acquaintance.If it is just to say that you have a thread on your sleeve, it's time to say goodbye.

She looks down and to the right (or left)

If a girl while talking and then looking at the floor (to the right) is likely she is excited.These views give the excitement and emotion Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , which she tries to hide.Noticing this look, ask what she was thinking - maybe it will help get closer to the coveted final.Another thing, if you think the girl is directed downward and to the left.In this case, it is the inner monologue or so: "Well, to what he is boring!And when he retracts "or this:" What is it cool!I hope he likes me ... ".Take a step forward, easy to touch her hand and say, "I see you have a concern.Maybe, tell me and I can help? "(This applies to girls, better holding his right hand; if a girl - lefty Lefty: the gift, or the verdict? The left-hander: the gift, or the verdict? , everything can be vice versa).

It is widely puts his elbows

women prefer to take up less space than men, and do not seek to capture the space around them.Therefore, if a girl puts her elbows wide, he leans forward or just puts his things closer to you, so she trusts you and wants to know you closer.