Afobazol and alcohol - is it worth to combine?

afobazol alcohol The instructions to afobazole developed by the manufacturers of the drug, stated that afobazol no effect on the narcotic effect of ethanol (ie alcohol or ethyl alcohol).This afobazol different from other tranquilizers, which enhance the narcotic effect of alcohol.

So it is possible to combine treatment afobazole with alcohol?

Afobazol not enhance the effect of alcohol and will not cause poisoning.This is clear.But afobazol taken for a reason, but with a purpose: treatment of neurosis Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock , relief of unpleasant symptoms of hormonal imbalance Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous women, the normalization of the internal organs, and so on.Therefore it is necessary to consider what effect alcohol has on the human body in these diseases or whether it reduces to nothing afobazole action.

Afobazol plus alcohol in the neuroses

neuroses - a functional disorders of the nervous system that often develop on the background of stress and high nervous and mental stress.Some people relieve tension alcohol.At first, this can be done, because alcohol inhibits the activity of the central nervous system, resulting in the removed tension and irritability.But the long-term and frequent use of alcohol has a toxic effect on brain cells, and further enhances the manifestation of neurosis.Especially clearly seen, when formed alcohol dependence: a patient with chronic alcoholism is changing the nature and behavior, he becomes irritable, aggressive, touchy.

Afobazol, by contrast, does not slow down, and activates the central nervous system (CNS), removing the voltage.That is afobazol and alcohol act on the central nervous system in different ways, and the positive effect of the treatment cavity afobazole be destroyed if taken with alcohol.

Afobazol plus alcohol with hormonal disorders in women

relieves irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper and badmood when hormonal disorders in women with alcohol - a thankless task, since alcohol has a direct toxic effect on brain cells, including cells of the hypothalamus - a brain region which is responsible for the entire human endocrine system.So, all hormonal disorders will only get worse.Immediately after drinking alcohol, they, of course, to dull, but then come back and it's possible that symptoms of hormonal disorders are thus much more pronounced.

Unlike alcohol afobazol and improve mood and relieve autonomic disorders, which always occur when hormonal disorders in women.If you combine alcohol with afobazole Afobazol - help with anxiety Afobazol - help with anxiety , the effects of the latter simply does not manifest itself.

Afobazol plus alcohol for various chronic diseases of internal organs

Alcohol can cause direct damage in various diseases of internal organs.The most revealing in this respect, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.In this disease is of great importance in the field of circulation ulcers: the better the blood circulation in the area, the faster healing process.

Alcohol contributes to a dramatic expansion in the beginning of the blood vessels (it is also dangerous because it can lead to bleeding), and then to a sharp narrowing them and circulatory problems - it will worsen the disease.Condition of the nervous system while also suffer if alcohol taken regularly.Afobazol relieves tension, which helps to improve blood supply to the body and therefore - improvement of the disease.Simultaneous reception afobazole and alcohol destroy the positive effect of the drug.

Afobazol plus alcohol in diseases of the cardiovascular system - it is also incompatible, as the alcohol in the final stages of intoxication contributes to a narrowing of blood vessels, and thus the deterioration of the patient.Action afobazole He resisted, and he himself will cause the body harm.

Some also eliminates the effect of alcohol afobazole and other diseases.This is especially true for diseases of the skin, which are aggravated every time after drinking alcohol.

afobazole overdose and alcohol

Afobazol nontoxic drug overdose so it is rare, however, with significant overdose and intoxication afobazole may develop sedation (ie, inhibitory action on the central nervous system) and increased sleepinesswithout causing muscle weakness.In this case, the combination of alcohol is dangerous: both depress the central nervous system.

Afobazol - a drug for the treatment of functional disorders of the nervous system, and alcohol - the poison that has a direct toxic effect are not nerve cells.Combining the intake of these substances is not necessary.

Galina Romanenko