Men's erogenous zones: the key to pleasure

male erogenous zones pleasure of men is not as mechanical as it is accepted to think about it.Here's what you need to know about male erogenous zones and how to stimulate, to give pleasure to your partner.

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Contrary to popular belief, men are not the only one erogenous zone, which reduces to the penis.Some parts of the body can be very sensitive.And these "peripheral erogenous zones" do not deserve to be treated as secondary.

buttocks, nipples, inner thighs - this is an area where a lot of nerve endings, which means that they are very sensitive.Other areas are less obvious as erogenous - a neck, back, inside of the arms, earlobes, feet.Every man has his personal preference on the erogenous zones, and sometimes they can be quite unexpected.And in order to detect them requires either alone "test" the male body, or ask your partner a question.

Find a point of pleasure

Like women, men are their "pleasure points", areas of increased sensitivity.The most sensitive areas are located close to the male sexual organ.

most sensitive part - is the frenulum of the penis.It is also called "male clitoris", as this area is riddled with lots of nerve endings.Other areas - the head and the trunk member testicles.Also, between the last two have a thin strip of skin that is extremely sensitive.

Men, too, has the perineum - the area between the pubis and coccyx, which is located immediately behind the testicles.This kind of "male point of G».

In any case, remember that there are no universal rules, applicable to all men, all very individually.One man will appreciate stimulation bridle, the other considers it unpleasant.To find out what they like, do not hesitate to ask.

Be careful with the bridle must be handled very carefully, because you can accidentally hurt her, which is very painful.

Start with less erogenous zones

It's great when a woman knows her male erogenous zones.But even better when she is able to encourage them correctly.Men do not always appreciate it when a woman seeks to immediately get down to business.Foreplay for men is also very important, so you should try to avoid routine, using different methods, which can diversify sex life.This may be, for example, role play.

How to start

During foreplay you need to begin with less sensitive areas, moving to a more erogenous.For example, moving from the torso, to the ear lobes, then descending to the penis, ending stimulation bridle.Different areas can be stimulated during sex to heighten pleasure.

Choose the correct posture

some poses from the Kama Sutra more than others to help stimulate certain erogenous zones of the male body.Pose face to face, including the "missionary", stimulates the area of ​​the torso, neck, earlobes, buttocks.

rider Pose stimulates the area of ​​the buttocks.Besides posture "69" there are few poses that allow stimulate the penis.The position in which the woman is back to the man, it is difficult for the stimulation of erogenous zones.

tenderness and passion

Not all the erogenous zones is necessary to stimulate the same.Areas with the mucosa, where the skin is very thin and many of the blood vessels - are those areas that require special handling tenderness.The area of ​​the penis and nipples need to stimulate very carefully.

In general, for a man to have fun, with the delicacy needed affection and moisture, so that's why men like fellatio and other caresses with the tongue.

crotch region can be massaged with two fingers.Other areas that do not belong to a particularly delicate, can be stimulated by means of nails and skin.

prolong the pleasure

Good knowledge of the erogenous zones of the partner will not just to please him, but also to extend it.

Many women and men too short sexual intercourse can bring a sense of frustration.To help the partner to control ejaculation and some delay it is necessary during the act of returning to a less sensitive areas.This will help you to make a pause without interrupting coitus.

also very important to talk with your partner during lovemaking.Then you will be able to track where it is necessary to pause and slow down the intensity of some caresses.