Homeopathic medicines in bipolar disorder

homeopathic remedies bipolar disorder Homeopathic remedies that are prescribed for bipolar disorder, may be different, depending on the age and sex of the patient.Also taken into account when choosing a drug specific symptoms.The following are homeopathic remedies that are most often prescribed for bipolar disorder.

  • Platinum Metallicum.This drug is prescribed to people suffering from bipolar disorder with symptoms such as worsening of thinking, indifference, apathy, crying.Also indications for the use of Platinum Metallicum are twitching eyelid, a long noise and headaches.
  • Agaricus Muscarius: This tool is only recommended for severe forms of bipolar disorder, especially if symptoms such as confusion, severe depression, indifference to work, lethargy and problems with reading.It is also possible abnormal appetite and eyelid twitching.
  • Phosphorus: Homeopaths prescribe this medication if the patient suffers from intense fear, uncertainty and anxiety experience.Phosphorus is also prescribed to patients who are restless by nature and easily irritated.
  • Crocus Sativus: This tool is suitable for the treatment of patients with bipolar disorder in the manic phase.Such patients are many laugh and sing.Also indications for the use of Crocus Sativus in the treatment of bipolar disorder are abrupt transitions from mania to depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood , hallucinations and delusions.

described drugs are widely used in the treatment of bipolar disorder.You can use them only after consulting with an experienced homeopath.Homeopathic preparations usually have side effects and do not interact with other drugs.But if you take any medication, you still tell your doctor.