How to win your shyness?

How to win your shyness? can be slim and beautiful, occupy an important position at work, requiring the confidence and strength, but to be shy and timid men!The impasse from which, fortunately, there is a way!As a teenager you just blushed and words could not squeeze out of yourself when you came to the most beautiful guy of the school.This is a normal adolescent behavior.But when you have 35, and you're also blush and say something to the men, with the urgent need to do something.

Especially if nature gave you an attractive appearance.You have a good head, you're resourceful and joke so that friends just crying with laughter.But as soon as man, particularly attractive, and you want to meet him ... op!And the little mermaid turns insulting Puritan or shrew.And in the end, even the most stubborn man understands wordless message: "you have no chance."The result?Guaranteed depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood .Which leads to the desire to arrange a night adventure with a type that can not stand, and which takes as a punishment.

protection system

excessive shyness born of fear does not like it, for fear of being not up to par.The only salvation that comes to mind - to attack, to alienate a man.

refraining from action

We dream of love, but we do everything to make this dream remained a dream.This leads to loneliness and great suffering.

And if a man, in spite of everything, continue to persist, excessive shyness does not say no to adventure, which can lead to humiliation in relationships and put youin trouble dominating-dominated.

Four steps to solve the problem

  • Relaxation

Yoga, Sophrology, or any other technique to relax - this is a very important step, which is responsible for the return of self-belief.

  • go on stage

theater courses, an amateur choir and rock band - no matter how it is, but you need to go on stage and to find a way to express emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code publicly.

  • Hypnosis

In hypnosis Hypnosis - the ability godsend Hypnosis - ability, sent from above therapist inspire you, you without problems met a nice guy.When you wake up, you will remain in the memory of this situation and attempt to meet the following will no longer appear to you something terrible.

  • Contact

Relax.Look into the eyes to start the waiter or cashier at the station.The next day, they exchanged a few words.And so gradually dispose of its complex.As a result, you will no longer be afraid to look at men, especially those who you like.