Workaholic - is the diagnosis?

Workaholic - is the diagnosis? «Oh-oh-oh, you're a workaholic!".Twenty or thirty years ago, these words mean one of the finest compliments Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words .Start up in Soviet times to people that puts work first in your life, be treated with some kind of misunderstanding and believed eccentricity, but the work we have then been held in high esteem (at least officially), so it was considered a workaholic and extremelydegree and worthy of respect.These days the word "workaholic" is considered, if not an insult, it is at best a mockery and derision.Why did it happen and what do you need to understand as workaholism?

First of all, do not confuse the two types of workers mistakenly received broad public opinion for workaholics who really psychological trudozavisimostyu.So in modern psychology is determined workaholism: this excessive diligence, in most cases, is a consequence of personal problems one way or another person.It is no secret that almost all real workaholics initially, with children and adolescents, have great difficulty in communicating with other people.Often it is the inability to fully communicate, that is, so that the communication has brought pleasure to all its members, and is the reason that a person strives to realize itself in another area, that is, in a professional field, and goes to her head.

possible and different situation of workaholism.As it is rarely happens, but still there are people who love their work, she brings them satisfaction and the workplace, they are sent to the anticipation of something joyful and positive.As a result of this or that project delays person more and more, he spends a large part of my time doing business much more is allotted under the labor legislation of 8 hours a day.Sooner or later it violated shaky boundary between diligence and workaholism.Firstly, the person hurts himself, because as a constant and intense activity causes very serious (in some cases, unfortunately, irreparable) damage to both physical and emotional and psychological state.Secondly, the losing party are relatives workaholic who no longer receive the attention from him, cease to be for him to really family and friends.Eventually it becomes a quarrel, conflict, misunderstanding, alienation.So that this workaholism is either the result of psychological problems and complexes, or is their source.

However, as already mentioned, in our ordinary consciousness of the term "workaholic" is related to the two categories of people to the true workaholism have no relation.Strange, but for some reason considered to be the criteria of workaholism amount of time that an employee spends on the site of the industrial activity overtime.Like, if a person is late every day after the "call" for an hour or two, then he is a "plowman" and can not live without a job;and if someone always manages to perform all service orders on time and work their standard 8:00 therefore he indifferent performer, which aims to get a bigger paycheck and spend less forces.This, to put it mildly, nonsense.This indicator of efficiency is not the number of time spent on the job, and the quality of time itself.

Hence, there are two categories psevdotrudogolikov.The first - the people who can not or does not currently have learned to properly allocate their working hours.Quite often, in order to make some sort of operation requires more than a dozen actions, and only two or three.When a person does not know how the most fruitful and the most to solve the leadership problem, this leads to delays in the daily work overtime to transfer work files on home computers, the treatment to work on weekends and holidays.That is why, in spite of how much time these people are paying job, many call them workaholics.

The second category, and do make up ordinary lazy.For the most part these "workaholic" are commonplace in offices.In recent years, formed a real reservoir of office workers who are a significant part of the working day spent on correspondence with old and new friends in the "Classmates" and "in contact", on the unfolding religious Solitaire "Klondike" and "Spider" on a computer set for their courseworkDistance Learning.Of course, the amount of work they perform half the standard.And inevitably there comes a point (usually the first couple of days of the working week or the last week of the month) when you need to make up for all the difference.Doing this is necessary due to the graphics "from nine to nine," and sleepless nights.And here it is these very "workers", complaining of the heavy fate themselves are categorized as workaholics.

Thus, this workaholism, of course, is a kind of psychological problems and subject to the "symptom" people need professional help.However, true workaholics are not too many, but quite common psevdotrudogolikami.So you just need to call a spade a spade.

Alexander Babitsky