Substance abuse - as a child back to life?

Drug abuse Among all kinds of narcotic addiction substance abuse, according to drug treatment and psychotherapy, among the most severe varieties.This is because, firstly, the wide availability of funds that have a toxic effect on the brain.Indeed, with the effect of substance intoxication is not included in the list of drugs, and thus are not illegal for distribution.For this reason, their purchase and storage are not subject to criminal liability, as opposed to the same drug.Second, victims of abuse are mainly children of primary school, and sometimes even pre-school age.

Given the rise for abuse "epidemic" among children contingent, it is not surprising that almost all representatives of progressive public expressed a unanimous opinion that the inhalation of chemicals is a serious threat to the welfare of the entire nation.

What makes children become addicts on the road?First of all, it is a curiosity, the sharpness of new sensations and the desire to keep up with their peers.More unformed will and weak capacity in risk assessment does not allow reasonably think about the consequences.Besides the fear of ridicule from friends, unwillingness to show himself "boyaguzom" and strong calls by the more experienced "mentor" finally persuaded to take the first breath of the toxic drug.It should be emphasized that to cope with the temptation to resist outside influence and help children correct only parent word.A simple categorical "no" the child does not hold.This will only increase his curiosity.Children need to explain the risk of substance abuse, it is necessary to cite specific examples or imaginary.

What happens in the process of development of the toxic effect?The first reaction to the introduction of toxins - protective.The body in every way of the danger signals: a headache Headache: causes and complications Headache: causes and complications , dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet , increasing pressure on whiskey, nausea Nausea - possibleproblems with the nervous system Nausea - there may be problems with the nervous system , general weakness, quickens the pulse, there is a strong heartbeat and others. Such a reaction occurs after the second - the third breath, and excessive severity causes a person to refuse further use (and this is for the better).

After the fourth - fifth protective breathing symptoms go by the wayside and was soon extinguished at all, but instead increases the mood, he becomes careless and happy, all the care andanxiety disappear, the world is perfect, there is uncontrollable desire to laugh and admire the surrounding reality.Some stop at this stage, but most continue to make further "tightening", after which consciousness is clouded, there is a feeling of flight, or the failure of the ground.Sounds become bizarre, with the presence of echo, with the sounds seem distant relatives and vice versa.Surrounding reality loses its sharpness, but "reach out" to the consciousness is still possible, but not so on the next stage, when the "shake" addicts is almost impossible, consciousness is almost completely drowned out.This gives rise to phantasmagoric visual hallucinations.These hallucinations are replaced in a kaleidoscopic manner and reminiscent of the "cartoons".That is they are called sniffers, with many of them for the sake of "movies" and taking up the varnish, adhesive or any organic solvent.At this stage, says the unreality of it all.Thus, the surrounding objects change their dimensions and proportions, it begins to seem disproportionate, even his own body: hands "lengthened" legs "shortened" or vice versa.Sometimes addicts are beginning to "see" inside your body: the heart, stomach, brain, and others. Periodically, instead of pleasant hallucinations there are unpleasant or even aggressive and scary.Because of them, running away from an imaginary monster, kids can jump out the window of a multistory building.

This effect on the brain is due to the tendency of neurotoxic poisons accumulate in the lipid of the brain, which leads to the gradual destruction of brain cells and the degradation of the individual.For this reason, according to experts, get rid of the addiction is sometimes more difficult than from other types of addiction.In addition, toxic substances are a springboard to go to other kinds of "mania" - alcoholism and drug addiction.

In such a situation the child to return to a healthy lifestyle can only be a long stay in the hospital and continue to support the therapeutic tactics.However, only the joint efforts of the doctors, parents and a sick child can snatch it from the clutches of addiction for abuse.

Zhiguli Andrew