7 surprising facts about future fathers

future father Most women, after learning about the pregnancy, have at least a minimal idea of ​​what to expect over the next few months.They know about the hormonal swings, how to change their body, about morning sickness, irrepressible appetite and other "charms" waiting child.But in what position is the future father, watching with horror as his second half of the growing belly?If he bends the role of mere spectators, whose participation is limited support as it seems at first sight?Not at all.

According to psychiatrists, men experience pregnancy of his girlfriend is much stronger than we can imagine.Studies confirm our long-held suspicion: because of the structure of the brain and hormones men see the world very differently than women.All stages of the life cycle of men experience different.And it turns out that in the first nine months of waiting for a child, when all attention is given to the expectant mother, future father did not relax.The transformation of a man not burdened with family, his father gives him a very, very difficult, both emotionally and physically.New data about the features of the brain expectant fathers have given us the opportunity to unexpected conclusions about what to expect from your partner when you are expecting a baby.

He becomes irritable

Your man was beside himself with joy when he learned that to be a father, but his enthusiasm soon gave way to gloomy irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper .Fortunately, this is temporary: Observation psychologists, future fathers have a feeling of anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? and irritability peaks around eight to ten weeks of pregnancy of their girlfriends.Why is that?Because the woman unaware of her pregnancy, long before her suspicions are confirmed, ie she has time for psychological adjustment, some handicap compared with men who also takes time (about a month and a half) to realize a father andadapt to the new role.Women of childbearing age, especially ready-to-conceive unconsciously note any signs of pregnancy, as targeted, customized for the birth of a child.They regularly check the chest - if not increase breast in size, did not you more sensitive - try not to eat unhealthy foods, abstain from alcohol and trying to get rid of other bad habits - "just in case."So by the time her expectations are confirmed, the woman psychologically ready to become a mother, and a man in this respect, a few "behind."This is a huge change in her life, and it is natural that the initial euphoria of a man is often replaced by irritability (an expression of fears and anxieties), because he was in a situation that no longer controls.But these feelings are gradually subsided when normal hormonal balance.Yes, the future father also jump hormones.

His mood changed a hundred times a day

Surprisingly, it appears that hormonal changes not only the expectant mother.Science has long known that during pregnancy the hormone levels of estrogen Estrogen - the key to healthy bones Estrogen - the key to bone health and progesterone in women increased by almost three times, but, as recently discovered, hormonal imbalance occurs and the man - the father of the child.Through the sweat glands expectant mother highlighted pheromones Pheromones - the road to the heart of a loved one is through the nose Pheromones - the road to the heart of a loved one is through the nose , under the action of which the male is reduced production of the male hormone testosterone and increases the production of the "mother" of the hormone prolactin.This hormone "carousel" promotes paternal instincts of men.In fact, in his brain occur the same changes as in puberty, when he turned from a boy into a man.This is a slow and very emotional and expensive process, so be patient.

He is gaining weight

You've heard that men often gain weight from the subconscious of solidarity with pregnant girlfriendbut it happens that the future father really feels the most important symptoms of pregnancy.This phenomenon is known in medicine as couvade syndrome (from the French couver - «hatch") or the syndrome of empathy.Usually, the first signs of couvade syndrome appear at the end of the first trimester and may persist throughout the pregnancy.In addition to weight gain, expectant fathers have celebrated, and other unpleasant symptoms such as morning sickness and vomiting.

He settles family nest

If your man was economic and to your pregnancy, after its occurrence, he will become a real hen.As future mothers, future fathers thoroughly preparing for the birth of a child, furnished family nest.But before the man, as you know, is a global task: he must not only "a son", but also "to build a house and plant a tree."For a woman, a child - is a charming creature that needs to be fed and clothed in beautiful clothes.For male child - is a successor of sorts, it is necessary to protect and provide everything you need whether it's a new car, or a family-type stroller.

His hearing acute

Maybe he listens to you with half an ear, but it is worth to mention in conversation the child as his attention immediately switched to you.Furthermore, his hearing is prepared for future changes, "tuning" the cry of the baby, because the mother is not able to be at all the time baby, and therefore have to follow the child and the man.This is another trick of Mother Nature, laid in the genes - man instinctively cares for his child as a successor of sorts.While young mothers ears still thinner than younger fathers, men are psychologically prepared to hear a baby cry and react to it.

He shows love for unborn child

Although men do not have a physical connection with the unborn child, he is preparing for a biological indissoluble bond that occurs when the baby is born, and in a hurry to show their love.The future father exacerbated not only hearing but also all the other senses, as if he were re-experiencing romantic love, but this time it is not the object of a woman and a son or daughter.This sensitivity is even before the birth of the baby, but spills tenderness when the first man picks up his child.It turns out that monitoring of the child can absorb a man just like watching a football match.

he "tuned" to the child's biorhythm

coincidence biorhythms of mother and child does not surprise anyone, but studies show that the father also "tuned" to the wave of their offspring.To verify this, the woman quite a bit to ease control of the situation and allow a man to look after their own child.It's one thing when a child is engaged in new father under the watchful supervision of a woman, and quite another - when he is alone with a child.In this case, it behaves differently, more freely, which, according to psychologists, a beneficial effect on a child's development.