Sexual games in the bath: the rules

sex games in the bathroom Undoubtedly, bath - one of the best places for sex games.Just imagine: the aroma bath oils, soft foam, water, caressing your body ... However, before embarking on any game, you need to learn its rules.

in sexual games rules are very important, especially if you are just starting the experiments.It is understood that one of you or both of you may feel about this discomfort, embarrassment, doubt, fear being forced to do things that do not want to cause fear of physical or emotional harm to the partner, and so on.

To prevent these problems, and need rules.So you can help each other to partially overcome the embarrassment, speaking with some of the nuances in advance;set its limit, that there is less reason to fear;and begin a deeper trust each other.

basic rules of sexual games

Be open to the new.From sexual games in the bathroom involve certain fears - that if you from slips, hit his head on the edge of the bathtub, broken something, and so on.You must be careful, but do not pay too much attention to the bad that can happen.Enjoy the moment.Do not give up on something new just because of fear.Try ... You can not guess what will bring you real pleasure.

ready for surprises.One of the most interesting aspects of sex games - an amazing discovery.Do not bother them to do, focusing on the desire to know what will happen next, as well as what will happen.Relax and try, try.This experience gives you the chance to see how far can your partner in the game, if you give him freedom.

Select stop word that would mean that one of you has reached the threshold for acceptable partner.When one partner says, stop word, the other must be taken with full respect for it and stop the game.This word should be taken seriously.If you continue in spite of the desire of the partner, it is unlikely to be able to trust you after this.

agree on how much and what kind of information can go beyond the bathroom.Recognize, many people like to look in the eyes of other great experimenter practicing sexual games.Your partner may not like it, if that information would be available to your friends or anyone else.And maybe he will not mind.Talk to him about it, but without his consent never discuss with others your sex games in the bathroom.

Some couples like to shoot home movies with a starring.If you are one of them, arrange in advance about where the video will be stored, and what will happen to him if you parted.This can do only in one case - if you want to become stars of the Internet.

Sex in the bathroom and erotic games - a great way to make the relationship sharpness.It is only necessary to speak frankly with your partner about what you are willing and what is not, and - to enjoy each other.