Suicide in terms of the psychiatrist - can it be prevented?

Suicide in terms of psychiatrist Solution person to commit suicide is always a disaster and cause great shock to his family, friends and environment.But if from the perspective of a simple layman suicide is a fact of human weakness and problems with his psyche, the experts are looking at this issue is much broader, devoting study the issue of suicide is not a scientific work.What is the suicide from the point of view of a psychiatrist and any solutions to this problem exist?

Every year dry showgirl notes the growing number of suicides among the population, the cause of which is not only an economic but also a social crisis.One of the main reasons for provoking suicide is any psychological trauma, which is perceived as a critical person and absolutely intolerable.These injuries can include serious illness, death of a loved one, unrequited love, loss of a job, the collapse of life ideals, values, career and more.And the fact that one person can be perceived as heavy, but not the critical situation in the eyes of the other looks like a disaster.

Psychological trauma may not be as obvious, but the atmosphere in which one lives, the disharmonious character of interpersonal relationships in his family or in a group, oppressive life situation, for example, related to the non-payment of debt - all of which can cause a person to believesuicide.Often suicide is triggered and the presence of a person of mental illness Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? as a prolonged depression, delusional syndromes, twilight state of consciousness, acute panic disorder Panic disorder - learn to not be afraid of problems , and some other psychiatric disorders.

Under conditions of acute social and economic stresses, which are particularly evident in recent years and which lead to increased unemployment, depressed mood in society, increase in crime, suicide is seen by some individuals as the best way out.Particularly susceptible to such sentiments mentally unbalanced people who are prone to psychopathic response to different life situations.Pessimistic perception of reality, a sharp disappointment in life, a sense of psychological discomfort and disharmony often push people to such a terrible act as suicide.Especially sharply pessimistic person can react to the feeling of hopelessness appeared continued existence and a sense of hopelessness, to solve situation.

In psychiatry there is a concept suitsidogennyh factors, ie those that contribute to commit suicide man.Factors such as loneliness, drug and alcohol abuse, inadequate self-esteem, appearance defects, which had previously place suicidal and violent behavior, criminal record, the lack of human feeling value of life, education in conditions of incomplete families, somatic pathology, the absence of emotional attachment to someone or lovedpeople may in some cases act as harbingers of serious decision a person to commit suicide.However, the presence of the above factors indicates that suicidal tendencies may be viewed by a person during the entire life.Just their presence, coupled with a psychological trauma may influence the decision about suicide.

In recent years, doctors are increasingly talking about the fact that the problem of suicide is closely related to the problem of prolonged or frequently repeated in human depression.Treatment of depressive syndromes is becoming one of the top priorities in the prevention of the growing number of suicides.Typically, for such depression is inextricably linked with any physical disorders in humans, aggravating his sense of self, as well as affecting not quite adequate perception of reality.Suicide itself is a final point, which combines features of the person and the situation causative factor that promotes the adoption of such a terrible human solutions.