Treatment for manic depression should be comprehensive

Treatment of manic-depressive psychosis manic - depressive psychosis must begin to heal as soon as possible, preferably still in the phase of harbingers of disease.In this patient's relatives explain how harmful for him stress, high load, and any other events that can dramatically change his emotional state.

General principles of treatment of manic-depressive psychosis

treatment of manic-depressive psychosis Manic-depressive psychosis - what phase are the most dangerous? Manic-depressive illness - which are the most dangerous phase? (TIR) ​​is carried out in several stages.The patient was a man appointed by pharmacological treatment (drug therapy), psychotherapy, physiotherapy treatments and treatment of employment.

If the patient is in a phase of depression, the treatment it is carried out only in the hospital because of the tendency of these patients to suicide.All drugs are selected strictly individually, depending on which symptoms predominate in the patient's condition.

With proper treatment, the patient can return to normal life and work.


Medication is prescribed depending on what kind of symptom of the disease prevails.With the prevalence of depression with psychomotor retardation without obvious anguish, and in adynamic depressions (with inhibition of movements) with a decrease in volitional and mental activity is prescribed drugs with stimulant effect, activating the mental and physical activity.

When depression with feelings of depression and the prevalence of impaired physical condition, with motor and mental retardation are the most effective drugs with a wide spectrum of action.

in anxiety depression irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper , tearfulness without the expressed retardation fit tranquilizers, which have a calming effect.Some types of depression are anxiety drugs are administered intravenously.

sometimes as a patient it requires sophisticated combination of different drugs.

is used as a treatment for depression as sleep deprivation Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , during which the patient deprived of sleep for a day or two.It helps to restore normal concentrations of serotonin - biologically active substance, a neurotransmitter (a substance with which transmit nerve stimulation), helps to improve mood.

the treatment of manic states are widely used antipsychotic drugs - drugs that can plunge the patient to sleep.

psychotherapy and occupational therapy

Psychotherapy is very important in the treatment of TIR, as it improves the ability of patients to communication and social adaptation.This therapist from session to session gradually reveals the patient healthy thoughts and trying to establish contact with him.The therapist thus should show tolerance and benevolence to the patient, even if he did not immediately go to the contact.

Some patients TIR resistant (immune) to medication, psychotherapy in this case comes to the fore.Gradually psychotherapist teaches the patient to control himself, to build a psychological defense that sometimes it is necessary in certain situations, to get in touch with others.

occupational therapy can be performed by any activities that could distract the patient from the disease and the dark thoughts of depression or to keep it for a while in a quiet state during the manic phase.


Rehabilitation of patients TIR begins with the fact that the psychiatrist talking to the relatives of the patient and tells them what to do to restore the mental health of the patient and for the prevention of future attacks.

After discharge from the hospital the patient should be seen by a psychiatrist on an outpatient basis, it should be carried out preventive treatment with the use of drug therapy, psychotherapy, and various types of physical therapy, occupational therapy and so on.

mental and social rehabilitation of patients at the exit from the state of psychosis should be built so as to bring the patient more excessive demands, not corresponding to its level of activity.This is necessary in order to quickly restore the patient's condition and he healed an active social life, otherwise it runs the risk of reduced activity to maintain, making it difficult to adapt it in society.

TIR Patients require continuous ambulatory monitoring.Especially dangerous shallow flowing erased depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood , they need time to identify and treat, or possible suicide.

Galina Romanenko