What to say to a woman on a first date ten phrases that work

on the first date Do not underestimate the importance of a first date, because the impression you make on a Woman, remain for a long time.So try to make your words sounded to her like the music, and not as a grinding of brakes.Of course, there are no universal recipes to help you immediately win a woman's heart - your behavior and the topic of conversation depends on the circumstances, but will not be superfluous to know that most of the girls want to hear from his companion on the first date.

where to start ...?

manifestation of sincere interest in the life of a girl, her job, career or hobby (in short, is what she says most) - a prerequisite of a successful first date.Yes, most women talk about themselves, and can do it for hours, but they want the man also took an interest in the topic of conversation.They want to see a man's interest in himself, in his person, see that man seeks to understand them better and learn.To show your interest enough to ask a few simple questions, such as: "How did your passion / hobby / career?»

You know, I dream of ...

Contrary to popular belief, women do not want to talk only about thehis beloved.They want to know what is happening in the life of man, of his plans, aspirations, passions.In a conversation with a girl on a first date mention about their dreams - it will spur her interest, it will help you understand what you are as a person.And it would be nice that you trust her enough to tell you about a dream (see, it's pretty intimate thing).

My friend told me about ...

mention of pals, what they are interesting people, raise your stock in the eyes of the girl, because your circle of friends, your company can tell a lot about your character andlifestyle.But be careful not to get too carried away with stories of your great friends.Firstly, your image may become darker in their bright background.Secondly, the attention of the girl can switch on your wonderful friends, and again to turn it on your person will not be easy.

Ha ha ha!

Perhaps the most simple and easy to implement advice in our list.Sincere laughter men - sound, which is always nice to hear the girl, especially on a first date.This is evidence that the man with her easy, he understands her sense of humor, and he likes to spend time in her company.But do not try too hard, or else get a laugh strained and unnatural, which will have the opposite effect.In the end, if you can convince your behavior is not too clever a woman that her jokes are funny, you'll have to face the consequences for a long time and listen to her "witty" comments at future dates.So do not pretend to be, if you do not ridiculous.

It reminds of a story that happened to me ...

Sometimes incidents from the life it helps to get to know the other person.Therefore, do not hesitate to tell amusing, interesting or unusual cases of your life that you particularly remember.

I had a great time

When the first date is nearing its end, in a conversation often hangs an awkward pause.She can not understand, are you satisfied with the way the meeting was held, and whether you want to repeat (incidentally, the same can be said of the man).If you had a good time and you like the girl, tell her about it directly.Believe me, any girl will appreciate your honesty and unwillingness to torment her expectations.So you save her agonizing (per minute!) Parsing date - many girls do it to understand how the date has passed, if the man remained silent.

Have you ever been to ...?

directly to ask about whether the girl liked to spend time in your company, impolite, but you may well pave the way for the next meeting, without pushing her with his obsession.For example, tell her about a classy sushi bar and Italian restaurant that you have recently visited, and asked whether there are there she is.So you are curious unobtrusively, is whether the plans for its second meeting, and at the same time will demonstrate their own interest to continue dating.It is also a great way to gently steer the conversation to the topic of food and hobbies - it's almost a perfect topic for a first date Ten taboos on the first date: A Guide for Men Ten taboos on the first date: A Guide for Men .

I'll call you

By long tradition, active role in the disqualification of the man.He can "take the bull by the horns" and the right to declare their intentions.Of course, the promise to call - is not a marriage proposal, and the bitter experience of the women have little trust in this promise.But it's still nice to hear the phrase "I'll call you."Just do not throw around such promises you do not intend to comply with them - if do not plan to meet with a girl, just say goodbye and thank you for a pleasant evening.

Like ...

Tell a girl about themselves, about their tastes and hobbies.It will be interesting to see what you live, where and how to enjoy a vacation, what do you do in your spare time.This information will help determine whether you are with her on the same page or not.Common interests - a great thing.In addition, not all girls like (and solved) to ask personal questions, and would be grateful if you take the initiative.

Please expense

It is normal to pay the bill in half, or pay only a portion of the order on the first date, but does so do these gentlemen?But next to a girl wants to see is a gentleman.So when she pulled over her purse, tell that they themselves pay the bill.If you are afraid of objections or embarrassment, advance leave a credit card to the waiter.She will be pleasantly surprised by this gallant gesture, and your chances to see her again increase significantly.