How to forget a loved one - start a new life

forget a loved one traditional happy ending Hollywood melodramas, fairy tales Children's stories - the child can understand the language of symbols Children not entirely truthful stories of friends makes women hope that this too once relationssure will last a long time and like a fairy tale, it is a logical end result - a perfect wedding.And when this tale suddenly becomes harsh reality, many women find themselves completely unprepared for the painful parting.However, there are many ways to go through a break and forget a loved one - that's just for the majority of them will take time, effort and, most importantly, the desire to really forget.

Parting: First aid

the first few days after breaking up, no one will expect you to appropriate actions or even thoughts - so it can afford to how to cry.Giving vent to emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code best company sympathizers, even if not quite sincere, friends or girlfriends.By the way, the men in this respect even more difficult - in fact usually "real men do not cry" acted for centuries and is valid today.Therefore, a man who experiences separation will likely not be able to experience a little with what incomparable pleasure from typically female behavior "complain to the vest" - expectedly male friends tell him "forget it's not worth it."But women have a place to roam - in the company of her best friend over a cup of tea or something stronger, and can give way to tears, and deploy many hours of discussion on what turned out to be a villain throw you a man, and remember the best moments of relations.Memories - a separate issue: the enemy of anyone trying to survive the separation and forget a loved one.In the memories of how well you have been together, you can spend the first few days - and then, no matter how beautiful they may be, it is better to abandon the memories forever.It has long been known that continuously scrolling in the memory of the best moments had to break off relations with the pain of separation is almost impossible to handle.Best same way - to give yourself installation forget to delay memories in the farthest corner of memory and ruthlessly suppress all attempts of the brain once again reminded of the former partner.

remain friends

Formula inevitably appearing in Hollywood melodramas and soap operas mediocre, to disgust, and often used in everyday life - as an attempt to smooth out the negative impression of the painful explanation of the relationship, followed by separation.Stay obtained only from friends happy units, and in the majority of cases of violation of self-esteem and a clear lack of interest from another or transform relationships in a constant exchange of reproaches and quarrels, or lead to a complete cessation of communication.

Termination of every kind of communication - it is the natural result of separation, however, agree, it is difficult to admit the first day after a painful break that this man will disappear forever from your life - even as a friend.Rehabilitation after breaking up, especially if the relationship was really serious and long, can be considered as rehabilitation after illness - which means that short time it is possible to make concessions for itself.For example, if the mind does not want to resign ourselves to the fact that the gap is final, it is possible to agree to the installation of the notorious "will remain friends."Even if later it turns out that the former partners of friends does not work, the belief that people still will not go out of your life completely and immediately, will survive the first week after the break.You can even afford a little bit of self-deception in the series "he realizes that he can not live without me, and come back" - most importantly, do not get carried away by this wonderful expectation of return, which, of course, not likely to be, and move to the main way to forget a loved one -fight fire.

Fight fire

Parting is always painful as losing a loved one, and we're losing some part of myself,society and the closest, in general, man.One, perhaps the most unpleasant consequences of separation - a severe blow to self-esteem.And because one of the most effective ways to quickly forget once loved one - is to follow the old folk wisdom "like cures like."The golden rule of "like cures" does not mean that, cried a week or two after leaving, you must immediately set out to find another candidate for the honorary position of her future husband.It's easy enough to just flirt - will allow the attention of men to remember that, in essence, on one man's life does not end, and significantly increase the self-esteem.And for flirtation Flirt ten amazing facts Flirting: Ten amazing facts , it is possible to follow dating to develop into something more serious.

Tatyana Smirnova