Manic-depressive illness - symptoms develop gradually

Manic depression symptoms Manic-depressive psychosis (MDP) - a disease that occurs in the form of separate phases - low (depression) and high (manic) mood, between which the patient is no different from healthy people,as the degradation of the individual with the disease does not occur.


first attack Carnet may begin as a depressive and a manic state.Most often it is preceded by the harbingers of disease, which are not always seen by others and sick.It may be part of, and not always depend on external circumstances change of mood.There may be surges as high mood (hypomania) and low (subdepression).Low mood is usually more often.This condition can last for years until some external influence (stress, disease, heavy loads, and so on) will not cause the first attack of the TIR.Most often this occurs after thirty years, but it can happen at any age.

This disease begins usually with depression, and can be continued for as bipolar (manic when depression is replaced by status and vice versa) and unipolar (when the attacks of the disease appear only depression or mania only).The average duration of the individual phases of the disease - from three months to one and a half years, with the manic phase may be in two or three times shorter than depressive.

depressive phase of manic-depressive psychosis

This phase is more common and lasts longer.It is characterized by three main features.The first sign - a heavy, depressed mood, which literally puts pressure on the patient.At the same time suffering and physical condition: the patient there is a weakness, fatigue, decreased performance, loss of appetite, often - a bad dream.

second feature - motor and speech retardation, the speed of motor responses and speech is sharply reduced, that is, to drive, for example, the car in this condition becomes dangerous.Growing apathy and indifference to everything that surrounds it.

third feature - mental retardation.This dramatically changes the speed of mental reactions, impaired ability to concentrate on anything else.The patient can not concentrate on any reading or work, or any entertainment.

All these three characteristics form the mood and thoughts of the patient, which are pronounced depressive character.This is dominated by thoughts of worthlessness, uselessness, guilt in some sins.Often these thoughts lead to suicide patients - this is the most dangerous phase of the depression.

Depression consists of two components - body and soul, the patient is usually dominated by one of them.Somatic depression - the feeling of physical heaviness in the chest ("stone heart"), pain in other parts of the body.This often reduces blood pressure, which further enhances retardation patients.When mental depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood prevails Depression - a little more than a bad mood heavy emotional state, and depressed mood.

If such a person does not have time to help, he comes to a state of stupor - complete immobility and lack of response to external stimuli.He did not eat, drink or toilet visits.

For all depressions are characterized as disorders of the cardiovascular system, metabolism and sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .

manic phase

Bipolar disease during the depression phase can transform into the manic state, but sometimes in between there is a small break.Mania manifested beautiful cheerful mood, which can quite match the external circumstances.And increases motor activity - the patient is constantly doing something (mostly unnecessary), bustles.

mood swings and changes the direction of the thoughts, all the patient is seen in pink, he feels that he can turn the mountains, to do something great.Often these thoughts lead to the formation of delusions Brad - not only crazy Brad - not only crazy greatness.The efficiency in this state really is sharply increased, the patients are even able to earn some money, but then spending it on useless things.Often it increases sexual Nine ways to feel their sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality , a tendency to use alcohol and drugs.

But the manic phase usually is mild and rarely comes to severe symptoms.


bipolar forms of the disease are less favorable than monopolar.When expressed bipolar form there is a high percentage of family history, earlier onset of psychosis and more phases of the disease, compared with monopolar.With age, with all kinds of TIR there is a tendency to increase the duration of the phases and the shortening of the light spaces.

Galina Romanenko