Mistrust - whether to put everything into question?

Spleeny happiness - the feeling of the world demand.We all aspire to it, but not all manage to experience it as often as you would like.And most of all happiness bypasses hypochondriac people.Whatever is said, to a man, that would not do, he turns everything upside down and ready to take offense at any innocent joke.He looks for attempts to hurt him, even where they may not be.To live with such a man is very difficult, but even worse, if you do suffer suspiciousness.

What is hypochondria?

mistrust - that feeling that makes you mistakenly assume that others think you are worse than you really are.Usually characterized by mistrust children and adolescents, but is often found in very adults who have not solved their children's problems.

This feeling interferes communicate with people, forcing again and again to experience negative emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code and suspect all the guilty and innocent that they are obsessed with the idea to hurt you.

suspiciousness really hinders be a happy man, and much beats a self-assessment.Typically, suspicious people do not very sociable, prone to irrational acts, touchy and overly jealous.

reasons suspiciousness

suspiciousness have enough reasons, but they all have their roots in the past.Therefore, to understand how "grow legs" in this issue, you should always look back.

main reason for this feeling - the problematic relationship with his parents as a child.Parents may impose excessive demands on you, too often point to failures and rarely praised and demanded what was for you can not afford.Often, parents leave the child to blame even where he is not guilty, and this also affects the formation of suspiciousness.

Another cause of this feeling is a negative experience.For example, it undermines the credibility of a friend, gossip, deceit and betrayal on the other side, where it was impossible to wait.It causes a person to defend himself and see the possible danger everywhere.

mistrust generated from the rejection of the man himself.If you are sure that you do not represent anything meaningful if you have low self-esteem clearly, there is nothing surprising in the fact that mistrust - one of your qualities.

How to deal with suspiciousness?

First we need to understand at what moments of your life you really hurt, and what you it only seemed.Surely you realize that most people suspected in vain that they were not going to do.

Try to ignore the situation when you think that someone deliberately wants to hurt you.Look at everything from the outside.You do not change your feelings?

Despite the fact that someone says or does something not very good in relation to you, is it somehow affects you?You become worse?You become really the way you believe the abuser or is it a misconception?Do you tend to trust more than yourself or another person, who may not know you well, or said some things on purpose?Thinking, surely you understand that much has nothing to do with you.

If the abuser does not calm down, and you feel that the situation is hurting you, just say so.Nothing prevents you to stop is not a pleasant conversation, relationship.

Do not blame yourself.Do not try to look for a reason for which you are offended and do not try to justify the abuser.Locate the points where you are right and keep a thought that nobody has the right to insult or offend you.

In that case, if the situation gets out of control, and you still continue to drive themselves into a corner, is to see a specialist.Perhaps the reason your suspiciousness so deep and serious that deal with them alone, you just can not.An experienced psychologist will help you understand these reasons, forgive yourself and those who are to blame for your suspiciousness and change.

mistrust often occurs in our lives.She can not withstand even a very strong people, but it is important to understand that these emotions cause us pain, and therefore, it is not necessary.No one can hurt you if you do not want to - this should be the position of an adult.If the child can not stand up for themselves, the adult shall be protected from any attacks.Nona is to see an enemy in everyone he met - for the most part, people are busy with their problems, and they do not care about others.Close same people are not concerned about how to ruin your life, because you do not want this.Learn to trust people and to prevent disturbances on the little things, then the mistrust necessarily disappear from your life.