What women like men - no trifles

What women like men secret of attraction with the opposite sex - the eternal theme of the secret, disturbing the minds of mankind for centuries.Of course, the choice of a partner - a purely personal matter, and with absolute accuracy to predict what will be guided by the man with the woman's choice, it is impossible.Conventional female opinion that all men - being rather primitive, of course, greatly exaggerated - but certain patterns in what women like men, still can allocate.

main thing - to listen

psychology and women's novels of the writer, and even the authors of the books from the endless series of "how to win a man How to win a man - prepare for the positional battles How to win a man - prepare for the positional battles their dreams" does not tire of repeatingthat one of the most attractive features of male female, regardless of age, social status, income level, and finally - is the ability to listen.Maybe that's why it is assumed that a man chooses a woman like his mother - after all, who but the mother willingly listens to constant stories about the problems of his son, and even manages to save with the concerned look.The golden rule of conquering the hearts of men - is the ability and willingness to listen to his stories about himself.Use listening skills is obvious: first, a man will certainly appreciate your interest in his person, and secondly, because of its endless ranting it is possible to isolate the set of facts - for example, information on how it reacts to certain events and behaviorthe people around him that he likes, and he can not stand.The resulting information can also be successfully used to somewhat adjust their own behavior or to get a small lever pressure.

strategy details

Decade feminism spawned not only pampered, not capable of independent thinking and actions of men, but also a generation of women who are accustomed to solve all the problems on their own - and therefore raising their daughters.Whatever your upbringing and whoever was the real head of the family, we should not forget that the main role of men since time immemorial has been the role of provider and protector.Even if you're funny the idea that helpless creature not able to prepare their own breakfast, you can - and sometimes should be - considered as such here the defense, try at least in small things to try on the role of women in need of protection and assistance.Help a man can be in anything - for example, show him how valuable his advice to you about careers or relationships with friends or relatives, or pretend that no one else, can not so professional change a light bulb.Even such a trifle as the proverbial light bulb (together, of course, with appropriate praise women) make a man feel like a main - and it will certainly appreciate the fact that it is pleasant, no doubt, gave him a feeling it was you.However, such a showy helplessness can not be abused - an inability to cope on their own with constant minor problems in any sane person will only irritation, but not sympathy.

form determines the content

Question visual appeal - one of the most painful issues;it increased attention to men to women's appearance in many ways and led to the fact that women are in the majority of men tend to think there are very primitive.No matter how many men said that they, as women, is important interlocutor inner world - this was a little hard to believe.Rather than complain about the primitiveness of the opposite sex, the eternal knowledge of man's attention to the appearance of better wrap their advantage.

course blond hair Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson's breasts in her best years - a pledge that all men without exception, will pay attention to you.But do not rush to pump silicone the most attractive parts of the body for men - a certain lack of natural data can be more than offset confidence.Of course, only one auto-training Auditory training - you start to think positively? Auditory training - you start to think positively? in the style of "I'm the most charming, the most attractive I" is not enough - you have to be really confident in their abilities, in its appeal in the eyes of men.This rule - do not attempt to wishful thinking: self-esteem and self-confidence manifested in every detail, from the behavior to the choice of words in conversation, and awaken in man the ancient hunter instinct.

Tatyana Smirnova