Ten of the most agonizing phobias: fear the possible total

Ten of the most agonizing phobias We are all afraid of something, but not all suffer from pathological fears, called phobias.Some phobias are well known, such as agoraphobia - fear of open spaces or crowds or thanatophobia - the fear of death (last phobia, perhaps, in varying degrees, suffer all).There are other, very strange phobia;eg arahibutirofobiya - fear that peanut butter sticks to the palate.


fear to walk or stand.

Imagine all the difficulties that can be associated with fear: the thought of that stand or walk fills one with horror.Tell me how I could live a normal life?A person suffering from this devastating phobia, have to fight your fear constantly, many times a day.That for us - the most common case for them - a serious test.


Fear of making decisions.

Obviously, some phobias have profound psychological consequences.If someone is deathly afraid to make decisions, what is it all live?Maybe he is asking someone to make decisions for him?But it is also a solution.Or maybe he just moves along with the main course and not interfere in the normal course of events?But this - the decision.Detsidofobov Consciousness must always be occupied;until they are considering solutions, they do not feel fear.They fear the act of making a decision.This feature means that any personal interaction with the world requires ditsidofoba overcome traumatic fear.


Fear of knowledge.

What?Fear of knowledge?Exactly.No school.No education.No acquaintance with any new information.Gnoziofobiya - a kind of mental obstacle to your development.You can no longer learn, unless you want to experience the whole process for the relentless terror, which obviously hurt you grasp new knowledge.


Fear of food.

Let's quickly analyze the situation: the food needed to live.Kibofobov food scares.This means that such people have two options:

  • completely avoid eating, thereby killing himself exhaustion and dehydration, which is not exactly a viable (or attractive) prospect or
  • stay alive by eating food, and feeling furioustremors whenever the spoon close to his mouth.

Imagine what being kibofobom;maybe you are very fond of macaroni and cheese, pizza, grilled meat or something else tasty.Now all the fun of them will disappear, because for you, these dishes are not only flavored with salt and pepper, and a dollop sickening fear.

Somnifobiya (hypnophobia)

Fear of sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .

Like the previous fear, this phobia affects what we need to stay alive: a good night's rest.But if you can live kibofobii even a few days without eating, and then somehow force myself to eat and mitigate the effects of starvation, then stay awake and function normally even after a sleepless night can be very difficult.Most people find it difficult to imagine the physical and mental fatigue that causes the phobia;a long time staying awake, you harm your body and undermine the performance of your brain.However, if you try to sleep, you will overtake the fear that is totally incompatible with a healthy, restful sleep.

phonophobia (phonophobia)

morbid fear of sounds, including your own voice.

How phonophobia can live a normal life?For example, in a soundproof room?Or is it time to go with earplugs?Or convince the doctor to make yourself deaf surgically?All this, of course, very radical solutions, and also dangerous, but the available alternatives are not very promising: to live and come to fear from any random sound by softly humming fly to distant peals of thunder storms or a passing truck or even the sound of his own voice.Even if you close your ears with his hands, it does not help - you'll hear the blood throbbing in his head.


fear the passage of time, or rather, the very concept of time.

This fear is logically derived fears of various time-related concepts - such as the past, present and future, and words such as "later", "before" and so on.What a terrible life should be a person with such fear, is not it?Even if chronophobia not afraid of words and ideas relating to the time he is still afraid of the time and the fact that it is, and people are always somehow realize over time.Just imagine that you chronophobia and look at the old clock with arrows - those loud ticking, counting time.


Aspirations to situations that cause fear.

This is perhaps the most hidden and strange phobia.A person has a phobia, and he is looking for objects or situations that cause him discomfort and fear.Description of the condition may resemble some ambivalent masochistic syndrome, but it is believed that kontrafoby do it all, to confront their phobias and learn to deal with them.You've heard on some occasion the ancient motto "look of fear in his eyes."A person suffering from a phobia is much easier to say it out loud than to put into practice.Kontrafoby trying to deal with their fears by putting yourself in their frightening situation.Obviously, this does not help, and they are constantly fluctuating between the options "flee" or "fight".Thus, when kontrafobii the mental devastation and fatigue, which are generally associated phobia, added another level of psychological problems.


morbid fear of phobias.

phobophobia - is the fear of fear.Wait a minute, but it's already fear.It turns out this frustration is directed by itself?Obviously, it is.It's such a ridiculously complex fear tantalizing minds and introducing it into a stupor that affected him really sorry.They are afraid that they will develop a phobia, but they already have a phobia, so this fear - incessant circling.


fear most.

first it seems well, just very funny.The fear of all?Really?Yes, this is absurd.But if you think about it a little, one becomes aware of how serious the phobia in reality.Just think about it: the fear of all.Some sources describe it as vague and constant fear of some unknown evil.So, theoretically, pantophobia can live quite a normal life, and even enjoy it, if not for one thing - they will suffer from constant, persistent fear of some kind of universal sinister force.The rest of the phobia from this list are some specific situations and objects, the same fear was in first place, because it is associated with the constant terror: no matter where pantophobia went and whatever he did, every aspect of his life, every thought, any thing, attitude, cooperation, environment and instant poisoned obsessive thought that evil forces now hovering overhead, pursue its surround.All the time.Until the day he dies.