January 1 - the beginning of a new life

January 1 - the beginning of a new life before each New Year's feast we spend a certain amount of time to try to invent what we want to wish our friends in the coming year.The problem is really serious, because all of the most important things in regards repeated every year - health, happiness, love and material well-being, harmony in the family, and so on, and in the same spirit.However, there is one New Year's wish that it would be very relevant, as it has for others is as important as it is for us.This wish to successfully change your life and yourself.

is no secret that on January 1, many people choose as a reference point for any new initiatives, as the beginning of the path to something positive, and the first step in dealing with something negative.The content of the "road to a brighter future" may be the most diverse: quit smoking How to quit smoking: tips for women How to Quit Smoking: Tips for Women , get rid of the excessive craving for alcohol, lose a few kilos, overcome his timidity and indecision in dealing ...General is the very desire - to change himself.

And then New Year's, oddly enough, plays with us zuyu joke.Because these holidays even adults start to think that life is not such a complicated thing, that it is always a good place to wizards, grandfathers Frost and Santa Claus, who will help us achieve this.Moreover, we ourselves begin to look at themselves a little differently - it seems to us that before we did not get the desired just a misunderstanding by an unhappy coincidence, but now we will succeed.

And we are encouraged to begin the new year with honest attempts to do with them what we want to achieve as a result.Throw in the trash pack of cigarettes is recorded in the gym silt and buy a set of dumbbells home, give yourself more and vow not to look in the direction of a bottle of beer, vodka or wine.But here's what the statistics say: the total number of people on the New Year to give yourself and other solemn promises change to the next January can with a clear conscience to ascertain the fulfillment of tasks only every ninth.The rest did not work out, and everyone will find this a logical explanation and plausible justification.And with no less enthusiasm than 12 months ago, this new year will give a promise to change from 1 January.

Why is this happening?The reasons, of course, can be varied and individual, and these reasons can count thousands.But if you try to find them something to do, it turns out that we always stop halfway and at the very beginning because it does not have sufficient determination to overcome the difficulties that will arise without fail.Here arises another equally important question - how to find the strength to overcome these obstacles, what is the incentive to seek to continue the fight?

answer may be only two.The first of these is now rapidly gaining popularity and has become the most common.Western scientists, psychologists tell us that a major factor in the success of any project is the luck factor.Thus, under the good fortune and luck they fail serious scientific basis.For convenience, they even composed a formula luck.Record: NATURE OF LUCK = + Health + self-esteem.The concept of "character" in this case, put all the personal characteristics of the person (interpersonal skills, temperament, outlook - optimistic or pessimistic, and so on).Under the "health" is meant not only physical health, but also the financial well-being, and the number of friends.In the "self-esteem" in addition to the appropriate level of self-esteem and more embedded sense of humor.

In addition, on the way to mastering the luck, the assurance of some scientists, it is necessary to pass three stages of self-hypnosis.At first you say to yourself: "inexhaustible bounty of life, and there are all around, to meet the interests of all;only need to open our eyes wider to see the luck. "The second step is to look at life as an adventure, not as an ordeal.The third step is to believe that every day gives you plenty of opportunities everywhere - we just have to learn to see them.

This is the first way - to become a successful and good luck to catch the tail.The second way is much more difficult, more difficult and unattractive.There is no need to sharpen their hunting instincts and customize all of your sensors to search, tracking and zaarkanivanie luck (for example, some of the proponents of "successful" theory are advised to communicate with the more successful people - they say, power and success will spread to you).Here you need to understand both simple and incredibly complex thing - you need to change yourself.Or rather, to change their approach to any business, including such important as the transformation of his life.The main thing here, as it may seem trivial, no retreat, no surrender.And remember that if not all, very much depends on it from you.

scientists, psychologists (other than those that mainly considered good luck) found that of those people who are still fulfilling their New Year's resolutions and achieve their New Year's goals, most put themselves in the situation where they just had to move on.For example, men who set a goal to lose weight, achieve results, not when worn with a global goal "Oh, I would lose weight and gain shape like Brad Pitt in the movie" Troy "."The success they achieved when set small, specific, achievable in a short period of time the target - for example, to lose a pound a week, or for the same week to increase the number of push-ups from 10 to 11. Men's psychology - a psychology to achieve a specific goal, global challenges men guardand convince their inaccessibility.

internal mechanisms several other women.For women it is important the main task, the light image, which they themselves have drawn at the end.If we have already undertaken to give examples with losing weight, we will continue this theme.All the same research statistics show that among women who solemnly promised myself in the new year to become thinner in the waist and hips in elegant, much higher than the percentage of successful among those who shared their plans for those with friends.It turns out that only a well-intentioned to change itself is not enough, you need to put yourself in a situation where you are most effective, albeit gradually and under the pretexts unseemly, but still will move to the goal.Let

second method unsightly, unpleasant, difficult, but personally I somehow he likes.While everyone chooses.

Alexander Babitsky