Christmas divination - a dip into childhood

Christmas divination What can I say, what to say, arranged so people want to know, want to know ... And so frantically pour the wax into the water, burn the paper, watching the shadows, stick to strangers on the streets and evenvery God knows what with doing a wedding ring on a string!

And, indeed, why not?Divination - it's fun, it's interesting, and if the prediction was good, even - informative!For example, divination by barking dogs.Take a sharp knife at midnight and head out into the street ... do not be afraid, do not have to torture the dog!Cutting snowdrift, repeat: "Damn, do not be silent, hell, tell me the truth, which my husband there, cry or rejoice have?", And then listen to the dogs too.Cheerful barking - and narrowing of good will, risible, angry - hard, sullen Biryukov.Howling Dog is imminent widowhood, which also can be considered a good omen if before she barked evil: hence, marriage with the villain will be short!

Let me explain my irony: no one knows the future of man, except his own, almost silent, inner voice, and he often vitiystvuet and repeats ... For our fears for our sorrows, our yearning for that which,it seems to us, never will be.But an inner voice can and should be able to suggest!It is necessary to program their future very positive thought forms, and brighter and categorically they are, the guarantee your success is not a coincidence!

So pouring melted wax into cold water and interpreting predictions frozen figures, show imagination in their favor: see our example of "classical interpretation vs creative!"If the wax is poured out in the form of the house, the girl will marry (or buy a penthouse in Ostozhenka for their money?);If the ruins - the misfortune (or girl will go to Egypt, to the Valley of the Kings?);pit - near death (or found the treasure?), a ring - a wedding soon (here "creative ideas" is not required!)

Throwing a shoe over the threshold, indicatingon the side, "in which a girl marries," Aim towards the Rublevsky highway, lighting a candle between two mirrors and looking at the "corridor" in the search for Mr Right face, stick in a corner of a mirror picture of George Clooney.If you are going to choose the subject from the bowl symbol, do not hesitate long and hard to feel the range, and drag and sugar (sweet life), and the ring (marriage), and glass (fun), and bow with ash (yes poverty to tears) can simplydo not put a bowl.In the end, everyone is worthy of what dare to ask.So, if the predictions are good - be happy, and if bad - then forget, because what's the point in a lie?

playing a game called "Christmas divination", play it to the end, enthusiastically as a child.In this game - all for fun, but no less pleasant to be the queen and the crown on the throne.

Although Christmas divination can be a great way to have a party so that it is surprised and remembered.Imagine, coming to you ladies and gentlemen, as you have in the living room - a live rooster and hen!How much fun: pour into a bowl of water to pour money into the other, next to the mirror to put release cock and expect choose - if the water pull, then a drunk, if the mirror - a handsome, if the money - the rich, and ifchicken, here, excuse me, a womanizer!

You can put a pillow under the 4-card of the king, and wait for one dream: king of spades - old jealous, pure gold - a young bride and a rich, cross - elect or military policies, and diamonds - the only hope.

Even a passerby on the street is not so sure the first comer holler ... Whose name, appearance and position are believed to coincide with the same characteristics as the future groom.Or show special deceit: Spend Christmas midnight in a circle, obviously full of beautiful and rich men!Cat to divination Divination as a psychological phenomenon Divination as a psychological phenomenon «on cat" also can be trained in advance if she crosses the nut entering the room on the left foot, make a come to pass, and if the right - not this time.

Christmas divination - one of the brightest festive attributes, do not neglect them, but do not take too seriously! ... Just firmly believe that you will be the bride and rich, and beautiful, and affectionate, and even drops of wax so the game with anywildlife - this is for fun, but, nevertheless, very fun!

Cyrus Multiple