Percy and alcohol - it is better not to combine

Persen alcohol in various forums on the Internet, many are asking: is it possible to combine the reception of Persia with alcohol or drink alcohol persen.Unwittingly gets back the question: why do it?It is clear that if a person decided to be treated, the alcohol in any case, will not benefit.

So what happens if you take both the Persians and alcohol?

awful, probably nothing will happen, but the benefits of such a combination would be questionable.Persen is composed of three plant extracts - valerian, mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness peppermint and lemon balm.Together, these extracts have a calming (ie, depressing the central nervous system) and antispasmodic action - spasms muscles of internal organs and blood vessels.Persen toxic medication and even very large doses it rarely cause poisoning.

Alcohol also has a depressing effect on the central nervous system.In blood vessels it operates normally in two stages: first causes expansion and then sustained contraction.Unlike the Persians, alcohol can have a pronounced toxic effects on the human body, and even the death of an overdose.

Now imagine that in the context of treatment persenom person takes alcohol.The result may be different, it depends primarily on two factors - the amount of alcohol consumed, and from individual to individual.Naturally, the more he takes alcohol and how it will be stronger, the less predictable can be the result.Rather quickly a dream come Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .

But it could be a different result.For example, if a person has low blood pressure or are prone to sudden changes in blood pressure, it is possible unconsciousness and even collapse - a sharp expansion of blood vessels and lowering the pressure in them.This is dangerous, as it requires urgent medical treatment alone to cope with this problem is impossible.

So can you drink alcohol while taking the Persians?Of course, not even despite the fact that in most cases this will not cause any catastrophic consequences.Simply, it is difficult to predict the consequences.

What is alcoholism and how it manifests itself

In chronic alcoholism formed a physical dependence on alcohol, which manifests itself in the form of withdrawal syndrome (hangover) after a pass signs of intoxication.Withdrawal symptoms develop gradually, first in the morning after drinking the patient feels irritable, bad mood, hand tremors, headache, dry mouth.Gradually this state joined high blood pressure, heart palpitations, nausea, severe tremors and so on.

This state indicates that alcohol has become firmly established in the metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting and really needed the body to recuperate.Alcoholic patients is different from a healthy person that is required to lift the state of alcohol withdrawal and bring it to working condition.Healthy same person, even if he has drunk the day before and was not feeling well, do not want to even look at alcohol, but it does not help him, because his state will not be called abstinence, but a consequence of alcohol poisoning.

In which case persen help in chronic alcoholism

Persen indicated for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms.If withdrawal symptoms only began to take shape and the use of alcohol was not too long, maybe one will receive the Persians in conjunction with abundant drinking and completion of loss of minerals (mineral water, brine, etc.) - alcohol "dry out" the body and thus isalways concerned about the use of thirst.In this case, will persen calming and depressing effect on the central nervous system, relieve tremors, irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper and bad mood.

antispasmodic effect of Persia will help to reduce blood pressure and reduce headaches.Decreases and other vegetative symptoms (ie symptoms of autonomic nervous system, which supplies the blood vessels and internal organs) - restores normal heartbeat and activity of all the other organs.But combine Percy alcohol intake during withdrawal in any case impossible.

If the patient suffers from chronic alcoholism withdrawal symptoms for a long time and he pronounced with severe manifestations, one of Persia will help him in this case is prescribed as part of a treatment which is performed in a hospital with the introduction of fluids and saline solutions intravenously, andother drugs.

Alcohol and Percy are not compatible, but for the treatment of chronic alcoholism persen is fine.

Galina Romanenko