10 taboo on first date: A Guide for Men

first date «Women - are complex creatures - many men complain about.- They can not understand. "Of course, we can not agree with it.Understand women is simple - you need only to be open to dialogue and ready without hostility and prejudice to perceive the difference between your wants and desires of women.It is quite natural that sometimes it is the behavior of men woman inspires an irresistible desire to run without looking back.

  • He is either too fast making a decisive step or not make it at all.Men often make the mistake of giving the first date for some exceptional value.In this case, the girl pinned too high expectations, and this situation causes her discomfort and the desire to escape.On the other hand, if a man behaves vague, and did not give the girl to understand how it applies to it, it is also upset.

  • He promises to call, but does not.Women appreciate men in the reliability and fidelity to one's word.So do not give women rash promises, only to please or avoid embarrassment.Eventually, the woman formed an unflattering opinion of you, she can tell her friends or your common friends.

  • He calls in the evening.Men have a bad reputation - is considered to be that of the women they need only one.Therefore, it is not necessary to call a woman only when you want to spend the night with her.A woman wants to be part of the daily lives of men - is a sign of his respect and taken seriously.

  • He tells obscene or derogatory to women jokes or stories.It seems obvious, but many men do not realize that behave chauvinistic, humiliating a woman to a state of sexual object.If you wear a T-shirt with the image of half-naked women or obscene inscription, do not be surprised that women are not in a hurry to go on a date with you.

  • He is jealous or asks about previous relationships women.Jealousy - a tricky thing, the main thing is not to overdo it, as there is a reasonable concern, but there is paranoia Paranoia - explicit symptoms are not observed Paranoia - explicit symptoms are not observed .But previous novels, relationships and communication - a taboo on the first date.No woman wants to meet a man who gave her a scene of jealousy, if she smiles waiter.

  • He likes generalizations about the nature of women.Women just absolutely can not stand it when a man begins to talk about women, about what they "really" what they feel and what they want.Men, remember: if you really know what women want, you would not have appeared on this date!We would be sitting at home at home, a loving wife and children!

  • He is trying to "cure" rather than to listen.Men need to understand that to build a successful long-term relationship is not so difficult.They will automatically seek to resolve any problem, and in the process is very straining himself and a woman.As a result, they feel anger, and vent it to the woman when their attempts to "help" to nothing lead or remain unappreciated appreciated.Men need to understand that women are very emotional - they just need to listen.Learn to listen to a woman - and she will carry you on their hands.

  • He talks too much about money and about themselves (whether good or bad).Men tend to immediately bring down a woman with her legs pressure, take it by storm, talking about how to earn a lot, and some have reached dizzying heights in life.But a woman may think that you are not interested in anyone or anything other than himself.Treat a date as an opportunity to learn a Woman, a process of mutual opening - do not lay out all your secrets from the doorway!Suppose she learns what you are generous, kind and courageous - she will appreciate you more, since she made this discovery.But self-deprecation and will not cause sympathy - in the best case you will spare the girl.

  • He makes too many compliments Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words and shamelessly flattered.Self-confidence and their own sexuality Nine ways to feel their sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality men never climb out of their way to please.Of course, the compliments and romance Romance - trap for women? Romance - trap for women? - a good thing, but the man does not have to be so gallant that women feel uncomfortable and she feels tired out game.The atmosphere on a date to be easy and relaxed and not resemble the siege of the fortress.On the other hand, if a man unsure of himself and suppressed silence, it is also not cause a woman tender feelings.

  • He does not give a woman a word in, and speaks only of himself.The most important task of the man on the first date - how can you get to know a woman.To do this, ask questions, listen and try to understand.In addition, it requires much less effort than is required to arrange a ride unprecedented selfishness, and it is only more inclined to you a woman.In addition, learning about all of you already on a first date, a woman may lose interest in you and your efforts will be lost in vain.