How to meet a girl on the street

meet with a girl on the street In modern society, adopted certain rules of etiquette and the rules of this acquaintance on the street is considered to be bad manners.However, changing time, changing with it the foundations and morality.As they say in matters of love liberated the French, you can meet anywhere, it is important is not the place and the method.How to meet a girl you like on the street, while being a cultured man?

Classics of the genre

reception "what time", or "How to go to the library, shops, stadiums ..." enjoyed even our grandfathers grandfather.Ask a strange girl innocuous question, ask her for uncomplicated help - something to hold, prompt advice - can any man.If the treatment is done with an open smile, friendly and positive, it is unlikely she will pass in silence or answer rudeness if it is adequate.At the same time the stranger held a great introductory test for sanity and creativity.If you go to a beauty touch and start up a dialogue, to continue the relationship in several ways.

If a man is very busy and is late for a meeting scheduled, enough to express sincere regret that today will not be able to continue the acquaintance, explaining the reason.Male and female psychology - two poles.What is clear and understandable to the man, a woman can have a variety of options.Because you need to immediately place all points over «i», propose specific time and place of the meeting.For further communication is needed the phone number, the main task at this stage of dating - to get the desired contact.

If at the moment a man is ready to assign a first date, be careful to ask the girl and take her to the nearest cafe for a walk in the park or to the movies.No Trapped complexes, innuendo better not to allow the development of relations between two people always starts according to certain laws of the genre.

Mysterious and unique

Many men prefer a first meeting stun Man, to make it a lasting impression.What a way to choose a dating service - classic or creative, everyone decides for himself.Much depends on the female psycho: someone demonstratively leave the venue, someone clapped their hands, and someone skeptical smiles by sending in an attempt to explore a museum of women's victories.However, the part of man a woman is always waiting for something romantic, unusual, unique, because every girl is a princess at heart, seeking her knight on a white horse.

Give liked the girl with a bouquet of flowers pinned business card, refer to the stranger as a friend, "Hi!" Soil oneself chocolate, ice cream and asked to remove his new passion cell phone from his pocket, took out his handkerchief to - all these methods have repeatedly tried dating men.

a great way to see featured in the film "Tambourine, Drum" (Russia, 2009), where the main character is dating in the cafe he liked librarian, giving her my passport.When asked why he does it, the hero says that now it will be an occasion to learn everything about it, and return the document at the meeting.Do I need to deliver important documents first counter, everyone decides for himself alone, it is possible, in the end, instead of a passport to give the working folder or a book on the condition of their return at the appointed place.

defeat or success

If she does not accept the invitation, do not drive themselves into a corner and suffer from denial.It is likely that it did not have the time, she was upset about something, preoccupied, agitated or she already has a boyfriend.The fault could be a lot, do not they build in a degree and develop a sense of self-doubt.To overcome the fear of failure can not only suggestions and the internal auto-training Auditory training - you start to think positively? Auditory training - you start to think positively? , but also to gain experience.Quite a few times to offer to meet the girl, that it has become a habit.However, in all good measure: rolling cynicism - the other side of the coin, the enemy of success.

In this world, everything is balanced and where a certain beauty waiting for that dream Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams sees her man, the main thing - to find a way to it, do not miss the bustle of everyday life in the most important meeting in the life.

Jeanne Pyatirikova