Short-term memory loss: Causes and Treatment

  • Short-term memory loss: Causes and Treatment Causes

short-term memory loss Short-term memory loss, or transient global amnesia - this is a temporary memory disorder in which part or all of the memoriesHuman temporarily disappear.Often the patient can not remember where he is and how he got there;he was not able to answer, what happened a few hours, days or even years earlier.As a rule, short-term memory impairment person is able to remember who he is, and find their loved ones, but this problem is no less significant.Fortunately, such a breach is rare, almost no harm to humans and the likelihood of recurrence is very low.As a rule, short-term memory loss episodes quickly run out, and then the memory is restored in full.


doctor can diagnose a short-term memory loss on the basis of the following symptoms:

  • sudden memory loss, confirmed by others.Saving
  • own identity, despite the loss of memory.
  • normal thinking, including - the ability to recognize and name the objects previously known to man, and follow the simple instructions.
  • No signs pointing to brain damage, such as paralysis of the limbs, involuntary movement, or impaired ability to understand some words.
  • duration of episodes of short-term memory loss is not more than twenty-four hours.
  • gradual return of memory.
  • absence seizures throughout the entire episode of amnesia.
  • Absence epilepsy patient's personal history and recent head injury.

most common questions asked by those around the person experiencing an episode of the short-term memory loss: "What am I doing here?", "How did we get here?", And so on.

When any signs of memory impairment, confusion and changes in the level of consciousness of a person should immediately seek medical help.

Often the patient is unable to call an ambulance;surrounding people should take care of it and do not leave a patient until medical help arrives.

While short term memory loss is not dangerous, it can not immediately be distinguished from life-threatening conditions that can also cause sudden loss of memory.To determine the cause of violations must be given a thorough medical examination.


mechanism of short-term memory loss is not yet clear.Obviously, there is a link between this disorder and migraine in a personal history of the patient.Triggers short-term memory loss can be:

  • Sudden immersion in cold or hot water.
  • intense exercise.
  • sexual intercourse.
  • medical procedures, such as angiography or endoscopy Endoscopy - not only diagnosis but also treatment procedure Endoscopy - not only diagnosis but also treatment procedure .
  • Mild head injury.
  • acute emotional stress that can be caused by negative news, conflicts or recycling.

Risk Factors

  • Age.The development of short-term memory loss is more likely in people over the age of fifty years than in younger.
  • Migraine in personal history.The exact reasons for this are unknown, but it is clear that the presence of migraine in the personal history of a person greatly increases the risk of short-term memory loss compared to those who have never suffered from migraines.

Interestingly, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which are closely linked with the development of stroke, are not risk factors for short-term memory loss Memory loss - not only in telenovelas Loss of memory - not only in telenovelas .Biological sex also increases the likelihood of developing this disorder.


have short-term memory loss is no direct complications, but it can cause severe emotional stress.Many people who have experienced short-term amnesia, for some time anxiously awaiting repeated episodes.Against the background of such stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? may develop increased anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? and other psychological problems that require professional help.

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