What is love: magic or dizziness?

love In our time, just like many years ago, turn to fortunetellers not reduced.How to find out who it is you?Is it better to fall in love at first sight or consciously choose a partner?Is it possible at all - to fall in love at first sight?

Love at first sight

Who would not fall in love, do not feel this sudden pomrachnenie reason.Magic believes that love at first sight - a sudden exchange of energy, like a thunderbolt, and psychology explains it landed more: there is a reaction on the part of the nervous and endocrine systems.

But why so suddenly?Because love takes place on a subconscious level.Our active mind evaluates the world, and a passive consciousness or subconscious performs the dirty work, is responsible for the functioning of internal organs and, therefore, never rests.The subconscious - it is naive, everything that goes into it in the form of information perceives as truth.Therefore mind does not share information in the subconscious mind, but sometimes consciousness as it fades into the background, or resting.Therefore, it is easily something to inspire a man during sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .

established that every human thought somehow reflected in his appearance.This can be a slight change in facial expressions, gestures, eye movement.Consciousness is not able to analyze all this so quickly, but the subconscious picks up everything.If unconscious at first glance at the man saw his ideal, that is where the magic starts changes in the body, called love.

Falling in love is felt as a sudden stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? or strong positive emotion Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , under the influence of which the increase in breathing and heart rate, changes his voice, the expression of the eyes, skin color ... Since the initial evaluation of consciousness when there is noit is not surprising that you can fall in love in the person consciously, we would never have chosen.Over time, as active consciousness, finally sort out the situation, love or passes, or develops into a strong sense of attachment and love.

How to attract the attention of the object of love

and magic, and psychologists say that you can attract the attention of a man who needs you.But they also agree that that this man can not cause evil, for example, to divide the family.Any directed against human evil would return to its author and will produce a devastating effect.

What is taught magic and psychology?You had to see how plain-looking women enjoy much greater success than beauty?Yes, all the time.What is the secret?

first secret of success of women

  • inner content (emotional state, thoughts) necessarily affects the appearance, perceived a man on a subconscious level.It is enough to imagine a woman, she radiates warmth, love, how it will feel surrounding the location.They seem to plunge into a comfortable and pleasant condition emanating from it.Remember: good thoughts attract good.The attractiveness can be increased through exercise.
  • Exercise.Relax and imagine that your solar plexus, located in the stomach, radiating warmth and light, love and tenderness in everything around fills you.First, this exercise should be done alone when you get easily call it a state, then try out its effect on others.In combination with the friendly treatment and a smile that will help achieve the attention of men, but the choice is already yours!

second secret of success of women

  • magic words - this is the second secret.In love affairs the word plays a huge role.Woman word cheers a man increases his importance in his own eyes.In order to skillfully wield the word and apply it magical powers, and there is a very simple exercise.
  • Exercise.Daily highlight for 15-20 minutes in order to retire.During this time, tell me something: retell a book, a movie, just thinking aloud on any topic.Within a few days you will notice that you are much easier to communicate with others.Do not stop doing, gradually complicating the exercises.

Special techniques

But it also happens that there is no one, who would you have liked.Then we can attract the ideal partner with the help of special techniques.

«magical dream."Imagine that your back is left to the person you've been looking for and finally found, spiritually close to you people.Do not think about his appearance or financial position.Just for a moment imagine your inner unity, his breathing beside him.Exercise should be repeated on a daily basis, but not straining, it is easy: you have to be nice to chat.You can silently talk to him, tell me what you have on your mind and you will be surprised that the image that you have created in your mind, has its own character, which can not be changed.You will see that this image gives you a sense of calm and confidence.Try to keep this feeling all day long.In the East they say that like attracts like.You tighten to his human self, like the dream you created.Danger at the same time submit any material assets, they may outweigh, and you are surprised to see on his way not you create the perfect image, but something quite the opposite.Better to just imagine that all you need to dream attached.

But one should always remember that to attract a partner easier than to keep him around for a long time myself.It has come into force other laws: with time passionate love or just finished, or go into a strong constant feeling of love, affection and friendship.

Galina Romanenko