Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend

  • Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend
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disgusting habit Men tend to constantly feel a strong sexual hunger.This is the soft euphemism that can pick up to describe a hard-hitting truth - deep down they finished perverts.And there is no shame.However, if men are willing to admit it quietly and do not see in this a reason for concern, women often do not share their composure.Moreover, some of the male habit - well, yes, disgusting, but so expensive heart - causing them some primitive terror, and they make haste to escape.Obviously, the men and women of different ideas about what can be sexy and exciting.

If men insatiable sexual appetite - in the order of things, she may have a different point of view.Oddly enough, but for some reason girls do not like it when a man takes a keen interest in the details of her intimate life in the past or discussing any of her friends, he would have pulled the bed.Girls somehow alarming, if the computer man found a collection of porn, which would have envied and Hugh Heffner.If the relationship has not gone away, some men's habits can cause a woman's disgust - and farewell, love!

jokes with sexual overtones against her friends

known that in every joke there is always a grain of truth.You can joke about your girl or her friend, but all jokes with sexual overtones immediately activate alarm signaling in her head.As a rule, girls think that if you can think of her friend in a sexual context, you perceive them as a sexual object.

Rest assured that your girl does not want you to talk to her friends, thought about her friend looked at her friends and generally acknowledged theirexistence (and treat them as sex objects - is generally not fit in any frame).Even if she asks what you think about this or that her friend, you know - it's a trap.Answer another question: "Who is it?".You can discuss her girlfriends, only started supporting her conversation.

Visit strip clubs

There are occasions when visiting a strip club is fully justified: stag parties, business meetings (you never know what are the business partners) ... Oh, just you and your buddies want to have a drink and partwith blood and sweat-earned money in the company of half-naked girls!

Oddly enough, most women understand this weakness.They are willing to accept the fact that you occasionally go to a strip club.But they will never understand why you go there as a job several times a week.If every night for you to end a professional striptease hot, your girl will think it is a reason, and you suspect a minimum of treason.Strippers - also a woman, besides, beautiful and jealous of him is very simple.

questioned about the details of her previous sexual relations

Lovers often talk about the past, especially about past love affairs.Such frank discussions help to understand the partner's sexual preferences, and find the boundaries of sexual emancipation.

Quite naturally, when a man is sexually interested in the past of his girlfriend.Just this interest should be unobtrusive.No need to pry her every last detail: where, how, when, with whom and how many times.Otherwise, the girl the impression that you perceive it not as a person but as an object for sexual fantasies.

Store porn on the computer

Porn everywhere.Go to any search site on the web - even on questions unrelated to sex, the system sometimes produces the most unexpected results.And should introduce less innocent request - and displays hundreds of images.In short, today, porn is so available that keep it on the computer there is no need;a couple of mouse clicks - and opens porn for all tastes.

why hide in a computer folder with your favorite porn movies just silly - unless, of course, this is not any distortion - a girl, sooner or later it will.And to think that you are so dependent on pornography, which can not stand a few minutes until the web page is loaded.In general, delete this folder!

to paw her in public places

Stroking, touching her hand, kiss on the neck - all this you can with impunity prodelyvat in humans to bring a little girl in anticipation of the moment when you will be alone.But some parts of her body not be touched in front of strangers - even if it seems to you that this is not a stranger to you no matter.

If you so unrestrained that there can not dismiss his hands on people, she thinks you do not know how to behave and have no idea of ​​decency.Let's say you decide to use crush in a crowded shopping mall and began oglazhivaet her buttocks.Who can guarantee that you will not do this in other situations, for example, in the company of her parents or boss?

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