How to beat stress?

How to beat stress? stress and anxiety, being an integral part of our lives, can prematurely wear out your body - how the mind and body.And if not effectively deal with these phenomena, from the DC voltage will suffer from cardiovascular and immune systems.A person who is under the continuous influence of stress, often a bad mood, he becomes sullen and gloomy, reduced cognitive function, he feels the absolute discomfort.

It is imperative to find a safe and comfortable place, where he could relax and rejuvenate, restore a sense of peace and serenity.

Well, if such an atmosphere you will be able to create a home.However, if in a city apartment to allocate one room for these purposes is quite difficult, try to arrange at least a sitting area.As for the working place, add to your desk in the office at least a couple of strokes and dry business atmosphere will be more pleasant for you.We offer you eight ways of transformation of personal space in an island of genuine comfort and grace.

  • to quickly restore power, refer to the sound generated by the serenity.This can be your favorite music, the singing birds or the noise of the waterfall will help you relax and appease.Sounds can sharpen perceptions and improve mood.
  • Live plants.Fresh flowers and plants in pots create an aura of peace.They beneficially influence the indoor air, produce positive energy.
  • Lighting.Soft lighting soothes and promotes relaxation.Plafonds luminaires should provide enough light, but in any case not to be rude and too bright.The ability to adjust the brightness of the lighting give a sense of security and control over personal space.
  • pleasant smell.Nice fresh flavors are also able to square off.Regularly ventilate the room even in cold and windy weather - slightly open the window for a little while, let the fresh air.Use fresheners, ionizers of air, however, comply with the measure.Choose a fragrance that for you is the most enjoyable.
  • Placement of furniture.Place the furniture in complete accordance with your needs and convenience.Complete interior details that evoke pleasant memories.
  • fabric texture.Use pillows, blankets precious natural fabrics.The same should be and curtains.Remember, in the creation of mood plays an important role our sense of touch.Everything we touch, to be pleasing to the touch.
  • symbol of nature.Place in a corner for rest objects, reminiscent of the beauties of nature.It can be the shell, stones, bird feathers, leaves, etc.
  • VoiceMail.If you need time to relax and rejuvenate, phone calls can be a hindrance.Turn on the answering machine, set the minimum level of the call.Fully rested, you can answer incoming calls without the irritation.

monitor their surroundings - both at home and at work, consciously avoid anything that irritates and can develop into a conflict.Use our tips, and during the holidays, when you are forced to absent himself from home for a long time.By creating your own oasis, you can freely relax just when you need it.After all, in fact, to relieve fatigue and restore power, need a little.