Signs of this man, what women appreciate in a strong field?

  • Signs of this man, what women appreciate in a strong field?
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signs of a real man What is a man?For centuries, this issue raises a lot of times, and always replies to it were different."Man is what he is reading," - says the poet Joseph Brodsky."The character of a man says to his speech," - in turn says Menander, the Greek playwright.A writer Mark Twain said: "Clothes make the man.Naked man has no influence in society. "

For starters, there are several common features inherent in the masculine gender.Although the role of men in every culture is designated a number of different, there are basic characteristics that are present in almost every representative of the masculine.And regardless of whether these are manifestations of masculinity positive or rather negative, it really is what makes a man who he is.

physical aspect

«Only a man who knows what to suffer defeat, can reach the depths of your soul and find the particle strength, which helps to win an equal opponent."Muhammad Ali

to compete for food, fight hand to hand or throw each other challenge in the sports arena, the men have to be physically fit.Physical strength - this is the most primitive, but it is one of the most prominent male characteristics, which affect everything from survival to sexual preference.Health and masculinity makes men attractive potential partner for the opposite sex.Also, the strength and physique men are important factors in society and the business community.

professional aspect

«Happy is the man who, like Ulysses, has made a nice journey and won the Golden Fleece, and then returns, experienced and knowledgeable to spend rest of his life with his family."Joachim du Bellay

At all times, the ability and the desire to ensure the life of a man who depends on it, is the primary sign of masculinity.If the man in the role of breadwinner uses a combination of physical fitness, the mind, wit and ambition, it will be successful.Regardless of geographic location, or social situation, in which there are men, they work in the first place, to feed his wife and family and provide them with an atmosphere of comfort.It is generally accepted role of a man in the social system, and it is difficult to withstand the test of every man.

sexual aspect

«I have always believed that every woman should be married, and every man - to remain a bachelor."Benjamin Disraeli

When it comes to partnerships, many argue that men need women less than women in men.By virtue of tradition, for a man is more acceptable than for a woman to remain celibate in adulthood.The desire to be independent and free from any pressure - a typical male trait.

In many cultures in the search for a pair of men play the role of initiator, which is pursuing its own interests.And although it is now the practice seems outdated and primitive, it still is the most important part of the process of courtship in contemporary society.In fact, the image of the male independence is so common and even praises mass culture that encourages hundred and married men strive for such independence.So, before you get married, every couple should realize the difficulties somehow stand in her way, and that they both are firmly convinced that they want this union now and forever.

emotional aspect

«Emotion should not be logical.Dangerous is the man who rationalize their emotions. "David Borenstein

habit to deny their emotions attached men from an early age.The phrase "men do not cry," concludes the statement.No matter what the situation was not a man, he should not give in to the emotional impact that has on various circumstances.The ability to suppress their feelings allows a man to maintain an objective view of the situation and to continue the fight.A man must make rational decisions, regardless of whether the problem is minor, such as interpersonal conflict, or catastrophic, such as a bloody battle on the battlefield.This means that a man needs someone who can be trusted - a mentor, a brother, a friend - to throw out the emotions and feelings that one can blow a man inside.

intellectual aspect

«In my opinion, does not mean to be an intellectual to understand the intellectual matters: it means to enjoy the discussion."Chinua Achebe

known that men rely more on their intellectual abilities than on emotion Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code or intuition.Using reason and logic helps men look at the situation objectively and to respond to it effectively.We consider only the facts, and the feelings are not sufficient basis for decision-making.Education and learning are considered important aspects of male development.

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