How to return a man: after breaking the rules of conduct

return man in the XIX century in Malta, the Philippines and Chile have adopted the Family Code, under which a divorce is impossible in these countries in general.However, even the men in these countries are finding ways to circumvent the law and go in search of happiness.Therefore, women all over the world often have to wonder - how to get a man?

How to behave after his departure?

variant of the answer may be several.Usually, the first thing that comes to mind for most women - revenge.Ways to implement it are numerous: blackmail children (for example, a ban on meeting with them), the requirement of financial compensation (for example, Linda Hamilton after divorce sued former husband James Cameron and seventy million dollars), the machinations of his new love, the threat of suicide and so on.

But this way - not constructive, because, expending energy to the embodiment of the invention, and avenge the wrong way, a woman thus destroys itself subconsciously reinforces and even cultivates the pain of his passing, his time, which was successfully able to spend on self-improvement.Therefore, the most important thing - to settle down (with the help of my mother, girlfriend, performance of professional duties - as you like), and decide - whether to fight for it?

If the answer is unequivocal - yes, yes, yes - you need to start working on them, when the emotions subside after leaving, and will be able to act calmly and reasonably.No matter how much it hurt to believe it - the old relations will not return.Broke up a family is often compared to a broken cup or vase - and not by accident, because china can try to glue, but the original beauty and grace will not hide the crack will hardly be possible.

The conclusion is obvious - not to start again the familiar relationships and create new ones.Let this be a totally different story, open a new leaf - but with the same person, relatives and friends.Change your hair and style of dress, lose a few extra kilos, exercise - certainly the right "recipe" of treatment after breaking up, but this is only half the battle.Much more important change internally.

First of all - analyze common life, and to do so adequately, objectively and without unnecessary emotions.Of course, he was guilty, but because the reasons for his departure - much deeper, it would be wrong to blame only razluchnitsa Young and the Restless.The family conflict are guilty always two - then the sources of disagreements and problems need to be seen in the behavior of its own (it's hard sometimes hurt - but it is necessary).And only then to develop a plan to return men.

the mistakes of others

most correct solution - carefully avoided meeting him for the first time after breaking up when the offense is not yet settled and we can make some stupid mass.But then, transforms, becoming dazzling, confident beauty - it's time if accidentally falls into his eyes (knowing his daily route, habits and hobbies, it is not so difficult).However, all efforts can be crossed by a single error, the most common of which are:

  • Please come back ("Come back, I forgive you" - more "cinematic" a phrase that in different variations often encountered in life).Once he was gone, so some conditions of living together does not suit him.Begging to start all over again - to show that everything will be as before.He hardly agree to a resumption of that from which one escaped.
  • Trying to evoke pity (lack of money, difficulties in raising children, health problems, loneliness and uselessness: the goal of all of these arguments - to achieve its self-pity).A woman looks accordingly - pathetic and unnecessary, unattractive, not able to cope with the emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , unsure of herself.
  • Blaming men in everything that happened.Let the wine it is obvious and there is no doubt - if there is a great need to be with him, and there will be forces for forgiveness.Aggression, hysteria, insults and demeans women minimize the chances of a loved one to return.
  • asked about that other - a very unconstructive approach.Firstly, the comparison is often the case in her favor (and what could be worse than to hear the like).Secondly, why reopen old wounds, which worked so hard to heal?

Every man - a hunter, conqueror of nature, in one degree or another.Return it - then be a completely new woman, a strange and mysterious relationship with who promised him a lot of nice and interesting things.Image and style of behavior, attention to detail, comfort themselves and others - the surest way to win this fight for his heart.

Darya Tsvetkova