How to get rid of the complexes - successful struggle with himself

how to get rid of complexes difficult to name science more popular and more mysterious than psychology.On the one hand, in recent years the number of professionals and "experts" in this area is growing and almost every person who has some knowledge about this science, can call himself an experienced psychologist.On the other hand, even renowned experts in the field of psychological sciences recognize that human psychology, with all the simplicity of its basic principles, daily surprises, and the number of secrets in her has not diminished.Therefore, each tips related to psychology, should be treated with caution and healthy criticality.In particular, it concerns such an important theme for millions of people, as fighting systems.This is a necessary warning, and any work on a need to start having it in mind.

Causes complexes

Like many other psychological problems, complexes from childhood.If parents constantly put you in the example of other children, was blamed for misconduct and successes took for granted, compared with your brothers and sisters, to themselves, and so on - probably you have complexes.It is in the plural.Another powerful tool for creating complex is a media industry.Man constantly sees on the screen of the people believe the ideals of beauty and symbols of power and wealth and realizes that never become the same (he's since childhood to compare yourself to others) - and strengthens the old systems at the same time acquiring new ones.

All this leads to the fact that millions of people live life with a distorted view of themselves, are constantly trying to match someone else's standards.In extreme cases, lead to complexes of various psychological pathologies.

Fighting complexes

  • To solve the problem, you need to understand why she had come.Complexes in this sense, is no exception.You can go to the reception to a psychologist and try to find the roots of complexes with it.Sometimes in order to recall the situation that gave rise to the complex, used hypnosis Hypnosis - the ability godsend Hypnosis - ability, sent from above - however, this is not a common practice;altered states of consciousness often used in the treatment of more serious violations.
  • If you do not have the time or desire to work with a psychologist, try to figure out the cause of the complex alone.As a rule, it needs to look for in a most unpleasant memory of his childhood memories.It may be painful, but the result is very useful.
  • then determine how a complex effect on your behavior in your current life.This influence can be explicit, or almost imperceptible.Analyze the situation in which you were dissatisfied with themselves and ask yourself whether your discontent caused by objective reasons, or it is likely a product of the complex?If you are constantly dieting, often you need to visit a beautician, fanatical noted the appearance of facial wrinkles, or each new pimple - with your appearance really so bad, or you just compare yourself to the models of advertising?In the first case it does not hurt to remember his other virtues, in the second - to understand that to compete with the graphic editor is impossible.
  • Love yourself.This means - accept yourself, including those deficiencies that do not give rest.It's difficult.To make it easier to remember their achievements, and compare them with the achievements of others.You can compare only what you were 5-10-15 years ago, and who you are now.

Whenever your complex begins to influence the behavior of mentally repeat everything you have learned about him - why he appeared as he can manage you as well - why do you love yourself, no matter what.At first it will be difficult, but eventually you get used to this way to monitor their behavior, and after a while the complex will not have such an effect on you as before.Power systems that are poorly understood by most people.Even if you know why you have this or that complex, in situations where it appears, this knowledge is lost for the confusion, fear, insecurity.Tracking step by step how he raises his head and begins to dictate the rules, you will gradually depriving him of power - and themselves become stronger.