How to please a woman: the little tricks

please a woman reason many men when it comes to the need to please a woman, first of all think of sophisticated sexual techniques.Perhaps there is some common sense, but the ability to be a good lover is not limited to this.Dictionaries interpret the concept of "fun" as the joy of pleasant sensations and experiences.And as a woman - being emotional, capable of reacting at every little thing, you have to please them, first of all, it is these little things.

would be a mistake to assume that a woman gets pleasure from intercourse with a man only when she has an orgasm.Its correct to call the highest point of pleasure, towards which the loving and confident man would allow his half survive at least a lot of pleasant and exciting moments.The female body is by nature unique, and any touch to it, first of all, should be borne by the emotional charge.The prelude to sexual intimacy, which in the ancient poets sang, and nowadays analyzed by psychologists and sexologists for the fair sex is of utmost importance, and for a strong, too, because of the primitive approach in bed lose themselves men.If the partner is not satisfied with the quality of relations, she, too, will have no incentive to show aerobatics.Even the relationship is likely to one day come to naught.

pleasure of voting

rare woman refuses to hear the pleasure in the intimate voice of a loved one, and even talking to her sweet and kind words.But popular wisdom that women love with their ears, the threshold bedrooms many macho somehow forget and prefer to pull their ladies clothing, keeping the partisan silence.

Meanwhile, on time and sincere compliments spoken woman really able to just melt away.Enough even to say, "What are you my pretty!" Or "You are to me - a real goddess!".Here, however, there is a caveat: Gift Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words in no way should not affect the "pain points" of the woman.Thus, the young lady with a less than ideal shape of the legs is not necessary to say that her delicious legs: it is certainly terribly complex about it.It is better to pay attention to the smell of her hair, deep eyes, soft hands, lips, skin, and so on - because surely at such a woman, and there are undeniable advantages.Dame, full-bodied, should not be compared with pyshechki and pads, but can be slender delicately hint that you are - a kind of fragile treasures.

pleasure of smell

smells of the male body for women is also very like, provided that it has nothing to dowith dirt and sweat.A man who is used to observe the rules of hygiene, including the intimate, much more likely to succeed with the opposite sex.It is absolutely no need to smell expensive perfume - just the smell of a clean body produce the woman no less impressive.

Some men strongly suppress women's initiatives in the form of stroking their bodies, do not give the ladies kiss your shoulders, neck, arms, chest, considering this is only their own prerogative.But the woman gets pleasure from the awareness and direct contact with the man, because for her it is sometimes just as important as getting the most affection.

pleasure of touching

Going to the intimate communication with a partner, the woman did not expect him to behave like a sex giant.She has a priority - a portion of the heat from a loved one, and you can feel this heat by various caresses and kisses, and not through the rhythmic friction.Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are ready to forgive even the elects a complete failure in bed, but the lack of affection, cuddling and touching disturbing not forgive almost none.

said that the woman within fifteen minutes, stroked her hair, gets disproportionately more fun than the woman during the same fifteen minutes were kept in some intricate position of the Kama Sutra.And generous portions favorite caresses received before sexual intercourse, and afterwards, give the woman feel happy.The main thing that men remember this more often.

Svetlana Usankova