The effects of stress on the skin: yellowing of worries

stress skin In a period of strong emotional stress blood flow is directed to those authorities that the body considers the most important and without which we can not cope with the stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? .At the same time there is blood flow to the organs, that the body is considered less important.These "secondary" authorities applied to the skin.Unfortunately, the skin - the most extensive organ of our body, also, and the most sensitive.When we experience stress, the skin feels the urgent need for oxygen, causing becomes unhealthy yellowish hue.

due to chronic stress not only changes the skin tone, but also increases production of the hormone cortisol, involved in the regulation of metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body, which suppresses the immune system immune system - how it works? The immune system - how it works? .With the weakening of the protective barrier of the skin is extremely susceptible to infections.

Effect of stress on the body as a whole

stress not only disrupts the immune and nervous systems.It can also affect the body's ability to properly digest food, which in turn affects the health of the skin and overall health.When digestive nutrients are not absorbed properly, so in the body are toxic and accumulate undigested food residue.

known that stress can cause or aggravate skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, cause warts Warts - germ of cancer? Warts - germ of cancer? , herpes and fever blisters, but the three most common skin reaction to stress: rash, pruritus and acne.

most common rashes and skin irritation caused by allergies, but sometimes the rash is a reaction to stress.In the state of stress in the blood fall histamines, causing the skin may appear small rash or pimples.In some cases, the rash is invisible, but the skin is very sensitive, itching.As a rule, the treatment of a rash of this kind help antihistamines or soothing skin lotion.

Acne - the result of stress?

Although rash and itching - a fairly common skin reaction to stress, most people under stress suffer from acne Acne: facial trouble Acne: facial trouble (acne).Stress is a kind of trigger, trigger the body's mechanisms to stimulate increased activity of the sebaceous glands.Excess sebum clogs pores and causes irritation of the skin, which leads to the appearance of acne.

However, no matter how unpleasant as these reactions, we must remember that they are temporary.Also today, the market can find a variety of tools to help relieve irritation of the skin and improve its condition.