Network games: replacement of reality?

online games life of modern man, fully included in the existing civilization and in the framework of its principles, has been at least fifteen years consists of two realities - a real, everyday, "live" and virtual, software,one called "Internet."And one of the most notorious and popular among the younger generation uses of the possibility to be in this virtual reality is a passion for online multiplayer computer games.

Multiplayer games - a lot of players, many games

Network computer games - a kind of multiplayer computer games that are any games that can simultaneously engage two or more players.We know that the very first multiplayer game, Tennis for Two, dates back to 1958.It is natural that with the development of computer programs developed and improved computer games, and their development became more and more refined and popular multiplayer games.And it would not correspond to any logic, if it became public in the nineties information and technological innovation - the Internet - would have gone past the multiplayer games.Internet and walked past, moreover, made network multiplayer games one of its main functions, and for many, the main purpose of its existence.

the first time through the network started playing back in 1983 with the help of the game Snipes, but a revolution in popularization of network multiplayer games made in 1993, the legendary game Doom.From that moment it began constantly increasing pace of insanity gamers to online battles, which is understandable: there is no competition with the computer program is no substitute for competition with the person, even within the same computer program.In addition, for each genre of computer games (role-playing, shooter, strategy, racing simulators, and so on) has its own classification of online games, depending on the specific product.The common for network games is a separation type connection between the players and the basic rules.As for the type of connection, the network games communicate using Ethernet, online mode, via email, through a special web site of the game through network applications for mobile phones (SMS, Bluetooth, etc.) and so on.Under the rules of the online games can be divided into the game with a "life" (one attempt to pass the mission of each player), cooperative games ("live" players unite to defeat the purpose of the program), individual competition, team competition, the game with the absence of restrictions (on the principle of "all against all").

Landmark online games

Today, almost every computer goes on sale the game has a multiplayer mode for the game on the web.However, there are several game projects, which have become iconic for network multiplayer games and their popularity is largely contributed to the spread of this format.The first is, of course, Doom, a project to determine the direction of development not only online games but also games in the genre of "shooter, first person shooter."Seeing the light at the end of 1993, the game has gone through a series of expansions and continues to be popular.It became a textbook story, representing a need for a player Space SWAT survive in confrontation with the monsters and zombies.In the multiplayer mode was provided for two options of play: cooperative, joint destruction of common enemies, and without restrictions, that is, all against all, the so-called Deathmatch.

In the late nineties players received new luxury gift in the form of a series of team games, shooters under the title Counter-Strike, which began a long timevirtually synonymous with multiplayer online games for the simple reason that at the turn of the century the game "were cut" almost everything and almost exclusively in it.In this case, the principle of command was implemented a competitive game in which the two confront each other armed groups, terrorists and contingencies Contingent commandos.The project acquired such a scale since the beginning of the 2000s were held numerous tournaments in the game Counter-Strike, and even established national league conducting similar competitions.Somewhat less noisy in terms of management and advertising, but no less respected by players, it is the other multiplayer online game, military shooter Call of Duty, the thematic content of which are the events of World War II.The game is a countdown to the end of 2003, and over the years managed to become the most popular on-line project in which there are several game modes: team competition, all against all, the game with the implementation of the specific conditions in scoring, search mode and destruction of the designated target.

Alexander Babitsky