We and our dreams: the puzzle arms of Morpheus

Dreams They can be pleasant or frightening, to cause a lot of questions and a desire to understand them.For one, they come every night, others complain that they do not quite remember.Our dreams - one of the most exciting mysteries that scientists have not fully been able to solve so far.

Priceless paradoxical phase

average duration of sleep in humans - 7 hours 20 minutes.Researchers have proved that dreams come during the paradoxical phase, which is connected with the moment of falling asleep, the moment just before waking up, and the time preceding the so-called arousals.Other phases are called the slow surface and slow deep sleep.All three of these phases end arousals, which often goes unnoticed for sleeping.

Why do we dream?

This question is unclear for us even though the constant research specialists.Until now, no one can accurately answer the question - what is the dream, and why they come to us?

scientists confirmed that infants paradoxical phase of sleep is much longer than in adults.Thus, it can be argued that the nature of sleep in humans varies with age, with the accumulated experience with the development and improvement of the nervous system.


famous psychiatrist and neurologist Sigmund Freud first started talking about the interpretation of dreams Interpretation of Dreams: Mind Games Interpretation of Dreams: Mind Games .He claimed that during sleep our unconscious works, because dreams are the hidden desires of man.But it is important to realize that dream can be interpreted most fully only one to whom he has dreamed.Different people can dream on the same subject, and for all of them, they can mean different things.The reason is a different experience, temperament, character, life situations.For this reason you should not put too much trust dream books, which only give a rough orientation, but in any case not completely explain the dreams.

Soft invasion

During sleep, the person is able to hear sounds from the real world and even to smell - it all depends on how well the brain is able to process the information and pass it on.It often happens that one hears in a dream an alarm clock that appears to him, for example, play music.If the child is sleeping and his mother wakes, it may appear in his sleep as a new character, and then will come the awakening.This is because our brain protects us from the sudden awakening, which can be stressful.


Sometimes beautiful pink dream dreams, and sometimes - nightmares.Why is this happening?Most likely, it is not necessary to attach much importance to it, because in this case the dream - as movies that can be both romantic melodrama or comedy and horror.

Sometimes a person think that the horrors he dreams too often, but only because, as a rule, we remember the nightmares more than the usual normal peaceful dreams.

Unconscious walk

Sleepwalking or somnambulism is one of the most serious sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .A person who suffers from them, experiencing a kind of crisis of sleep, during which he could get up, sit on the bed, mumbling something to make hand movements.The eyes of a sleepwalker is usually wide open, but he did not see anything.Moreover, at the time a person is not a dream, which is related to his behavior, words, movements.Such crises last on average about ten minutes and cover a period of deep sleep.

reflection of our fears and desires

Many believe that dreams predict the future, so they attached such importance.However, it is best viewed as a reflection of the dreams of our secret fears and desires - conscious or unconscious.For example, if a woman wants to have a child, it is likely she will dream dreams, where she had it, but after a while she may have become pregnant - this is a typical example.Or students dream exams that they fail or pass perfectly well that, in the end, in a short time and there - everything from emotions and thoughts solely on the session.

Dreams that are not associated with the desired events or concerns, often reflect the emotional state, bringing to the surface in a veiled form of a possible solution.