Fever or stress test "on the nose"

Stress test «... I lost weight during the preparation for the entrance examination to college, I did not feel like eating, my mother forced violently.""At night, I jumped out of bed and kept thinking, I offered the exam in mathematics?".Whatever may be the direction of the exams in mathematics, Russian or English, and in what institution surrendered, whether high school, college or school - this is a serious psychological shake-up of the body.And no wonder that during the examination, many lose their appetite, sleep, suddenly ill with viral diseases, exacerbated by chronic illness physically weak.Where to find the best option to prevent stress state?

What is stress?

In 1936, a Canadian physiologist Hans Selye was first used the term "stress" and later published a book "Stress without distress."In his studies of stress - is an "organic, physiological, psychological disorders, namely metabolic disorders Metabolism: The basis of life of all living Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things , caused by irritants."Extremely difficult situations, in the process of human activities cause him psychological stress.When stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? the blood is adrenaline, the heart beats faster, increasing blood flow to the brain.

In one school had a medical examination of adolescents before exams and found many high blood pressure to the level of 170-180 mm Hg, and heart rate reached do120-130 beats per minute.What factors affect the teenagers, causing stress?Statistics survey showed that 49% are afraid to get a bad grade, 21% - "unconscious" in front of the examiner, 11% simply do not believe in themselves, 10% because of the physical condition, and only 8% - "slovens", ie adolescentslow levels of knowledge.

Do not be afraid!

Please note, only 8% of low-knowledge, and the other "scare."Listen to the advice of a Chinese nobleman of the kingdom of Wei Shi Yu: "If you shake hands before the exam calligraphy, you should not try to copy the handwriting of the ancient masters - better try to learn from their spirit."Our mothers and fathers believed in some national signs, for example, put a "penny" under the heel, bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams «stuffed" pillow books, give the task a native curse you all day.With the people's wisdom did not argue, but it's better to apply the advice of doctors and psychologists.

Home - day regimen

Nutrition, education, recreation.Not planned time leads to missed opportunities and physical fatigue.One mother shared her experience: "For us, the parents, is important not only the result of the examination, but also the health of the child.After consulting with the doctor, I was home menu, where the principal place took vitamins "Agree, products such as fresh juices, salads, cereals, dairy products and, of course, the fish are the fundamental building blocks for the body, including in your diet dark chocolate, but do not overdo itUsed.A cup of coffee, you can indulge yourself, but only one, because from the point of view of science overabundance of caffeine in the body leads to a backlash, "sleepy tired".

Leisure important

Sleep at least 8-9 hours, naps, too, can not hurt.This restoration of nerve cells, stress relief from all the members, organize what you have learned during the day.In no case do not exercise "cramming", read the necessary material like photograph.Our body - is ourselves.Trust him and he will never let you down!But you need to show care, engage in intense mental labor should be no more than 6-8 hours, establishing classes of 40 minutes.During the breaks, listen to soft music, not hard rock, it adversely affects the brain.Dance also do not interfere, the physical is a healthy attitude, meditation Meditation - treats the body and the spirit Meditation - treats the body and the spirit - moral attitude.

And most importantly - do not think about the upcoming day as of the end of the world.Remember, you are a normal person with the right amount of knowledge.Exam day - it is not identity verification and confirmation of a mental potential.And you are well engaged for a sufficient time to collect the required.And do not worry if the exam you have forgotten something, the main thing that you have already solved and the answer will come at the right time.Self-hypnosis can not hurt, think of yourself only positive: "I am smart, I give up!" I am calm and my ability to manifest themselves ... "Breathe evenly and relax.

required before the exam allow more time to relax, you can even go to the theater, philharmonic hall and go to bed early.Twelve points, five and standings are guaranteed.