Increased potency - how to stay young?

increased potency quite a long time impotence is not considered a medical problem, as was believed that the lack of sexual arousal in men of a certain age (usually after forty years) - the phenomenon is quite normal.Currently, however, the situation has changed, and increased potency was seen as a necessary condition for a full life.Ways to strengthen the truly "male" function active offers both traditional and folk medicine.

for medical care

reasons impotence can be very different.If twenty erectile dysfunction, usually of a temporary nature (under stress, alcohol, fatigue, lack of sleep, after an infection), after forty causes may be more serious.Sexual arousal in men - a rather complicated process, which involved the nerves, hormones, muscles, blood vessels.If even one of these components fails - may be impotence.

Medicine offers several ways to save men's health:

  • Drug therapy.Preparations for potency increasing in the pharmaceutical market is currently a lot, their effectiveness is quite high.Among leading brands include, for example, the well-known drug Viagra (Pfizer) or Sealeks (SRCAM "Pharma").
  • However, given the possible side effects, an appointment of a drug should be a specialist.
  • injection, that is conducive to the introduction of the excitation of drugs directly into the penis before sexual contact - method is quite effective, but not always comfortable.
  • Surgery to correct venous insufficiency of the penis.This method is rarely used and only in those cases where conservative treatment has not brought the expected results.
  • psychotherapeutic methods.According to experts, in the sixty-five percent of cases of impotence enough to visit a few sessions with a psychotherapist to the problem was solved.

Folk remedies

Herbalists actively offer their own ways of erectile dysfunction treatment that will achieve a result without resorting to the use of "chemistry".Special properties are attributed, for example, plants such as parsnips, asparagus, lungwort, plantain, mugwort, thyme - in certain proportions and combinations.Even stronger effects from the use of ginseng root and lemongrass.Contraindications to the use of folk remedies are usually possible allergic reaction or idiosyncrasy.

encountered in recipes of traditional medicine and rather exotic names of plants.One of them - iohimbea or yohimbou so-called pohotnoe tree native to Cameroon.Its vasodilator and increases libido action scientifically proven, but at the same proven and many contraindications and side effects.Other plants for love - liana Uncaria tomentosa, native to Peru.Made on the basis of its products not only help to restore sexual power, but also help in the treatment of prostatitis treatment of prostatitis - not an easy task Treatment of prostatitis - not an easy task .

is very important and the balance in the body of vitamins and minerals.For example, a lack of vitamin C leads to fatigue, vitamin E - to dysfunction of the endocrine system.It is also necessary for men's health vitamins B1 and B6, which help to cope with muscle weakness.Of the micronutrients maintaining sexual performance contribute zinc (contained in the beans, spinach) and selenium, which is rich in whole grains.

Diet for potency

great importance to maintain the power of sexual activity has long been known.So, the great physician Avicenna recommended to include in the diet of men nettles, honey, pepper, nutmeg and even a rooster testicles.Known for his sexual escapades French monarch Henry IV blended to increase potency cognac with egg yolk.In the Middle Ages it was common drug of onions, celery, carrots and parsley, stewed in white wine with chicken broth, to which you add the garlic and cloves Carnation: exquisite aromatherapy Carnation: exquisite aromatherapy .

Currently scientifically proven positive effects of honey, onions and garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea Garlic health: almost a panacea , and meat, the use of which is necessary for every man.Fish and seafood are rich in phosphorus and iodine, as beneficial to the preservation of male power.At the same time it is to abandon carbonated and energy drinks large amounts of alcohol, acute and smoked foods.

However, all diligence man barely able to cope with impotence Impotence - a female perspective on the problem Impotence - a female perspective on the problem , if unsure of their own abilities.And give that assurance can not so much self-hypnosis, how smart, loving and considerate woman who will be able to sensitively and unobtrusively help in solving his beloved intimate problems.

Darya Tsvetkova