Time Management - manage time, but do not be a perfectionist

  • Time Management - manage time, but do not be a perfectionist
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time management Time Management - a set of rules, practices, skills, tools and systems,sharing which allows for more efficient use of their time and, in the long term, improve quality of life.Its main task is not to have time to do as much as possible, and to do the most important thing - what really needs to be done.

people who know how to manage your time, know that you can always find so much to do, how to execute a single person can not do.Instead, they are very selective approach to the issue: how to spend your time.Having mastered the techniques of time management, you'll not only get more done for less time periods, but also be able to work quietly, focused, and better control of their lives.You will realize that you can be more productive than ever - and it's much easier than you thought.

Time Management - is not only a note in the diary, even though they are one of the important tools.First of all it is - a detailed understanding of what and when you need to do.Time management skills needed by all, especially those who every day perform very different tasks, as well as those who are at the end of the day often realizes that he made too much of the planned and missed something important.

The basic principles of time management

  • Time always

No matter how organized you are, always knocks in 24 hours.Change is not in your power, but you can make them as rich and productive.

  • Do not waste time

time - one of the most valuable and underappreciated resource.In addition, this resource will certainly not be resumed.One of the most important principles of time management - a productive use of time.What do you waste it?Internet surfing, social networking, games, personal calls?Celebrate all the time wasters and dispose of them.

  • Set goals

Remember that your goal - not a change of time and change their habits.Start small: Set a goal is not to call on personal matters and not to go to social networks during working hours within one week.Analyze your productivity before and after.Check almost exactly three times a day.After a while, put a goal to completely abandon the activities that just takes time.

  • Use special tools

simple notebook, diary, a special program will bring you huge benefits.This does not mean that you should not trust your head.But you definitely need to release it from the need to keep in mind that you can record.

  • Ruthlessly arrange the priorities

for important cases should always be time.Start each day with a study of the list of upcoming cases.If it 20 points - how many of them perform absolutely necessary?Do not move on to other matters, until you've completed the most important.

  • distributes tasks

If you can trust the affairs of the other person - then do it.Only preliminary Find out which areas are the talents of these people and allocate tasks accordingly.

  • Limit execution time of each task

Read letters and answer them can be a full day, but it will be better if you tell yourself not to spend more than 15 minutes.

  • Use the time that is spent waiting

waiting for meeting with clients or for their turn to the dentist, you can have time to read the report, write a plan of the article, to edit a couple of photos.Modern technologies allow to work and study wherever you are - use of these opportunities.

Additional rules

  • Wherever you are living every moment to good use.
  • are in each class that brings you pleasure.
  • Do not waste time on regret - for example, spent time in vain.
  • constantly looking for ways to save time.
  • Make a list of what you absolutely need to do every day.This applies to the work tasks, for example, jogging and walking the dog.Whatever you do, this time must always be.
  • When you catch yourself retardation in some cases, ask yourself, what exactly do you avoid?The work itself or a meeting with members of the board, which will have to say after the completion of the project?
  • Customize yourself and be stubborn, especially when you feel that you have everything turns out well.
  • not carry deadlines tasks without very good reason.
  • If necessary, seek advice and help.

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