Romance - trap for women?

romance Women's psychology is arranged in an interesting way: beautiful ladies is not enough to be content with the knowledge that they are loved.They need and appropriate acknowledgment of the love of men: candy, bouquets, candle-lit dinners, passionate declarations of verse and prose, walk under the moon and jewelry in velvet boxes.Ladies usually take it all with a bang, and did not think about the fact that the romance - it sometimes just a trap for women.

Inherently versatile romance.On it you can tell when a man is not only willing to pay a certain amount in a flower shop for a bouquet of stunning beauty, but also when he is ready to climb on a bed and pluck a rose bush, scraping his hands on the thorns.Romance - is not only an expensive diamond ring, presented during a dinner in the elegant restaurant, and carefully draped over the shoulders zyabnuschie warm blanket.Even sweet words like "dear, beloved, most beautiful" is perceived by most women as a manifestation of romance, as in everyday life and under normal circumstances, to hear something like that from men is simply unrealistic.Therefore difficult to anticipate what motivates another romance to go beyond the normal behavior: too strong and sincere feelings, or something else.

from the arsenal of marriage swindler

Those who had to deal with marriage scams, or at least heard of them, probably know that the romance for men of this kind - a kind of professional skills.Usually, they appear to their victims owner of a small business or employees of well-known companies, and at worst - the representatives of the creative glitterati.However, by questioning the ladies about his work a man usually shrugs and says he does not find in the "routine of" nothing interesting.

He will be ringing once passions every day and showered her gentle acceptance.Flowers and candy will go into play, too - even if not particularly sophisticated and expensive, but the woman had will remain in full confidence that the roads are not gift expensive attention.And then the fun begins.Actually, it is distinguished from marriage swindler male romance in its purest form.Marriage swindler necessarily make a marriage proposal, and after a while begins to encourage the bride to take action with the money or property: to sell an apartment or write it on your space, to lend him money for it or take a bank loan, and so on.Sane woman such requests should be alerted.

Rogue love - Casanova

There is another category of men.They do not hunt not for ladies' purses and apartments, and for "thereby".In other words, the goal is the same - to charm and seduce the largest possible number of women to make them either noncommittal intimate, sometimes even once.This psychological motives that drive Casanova and Don Juan, can be very different.Some of them are just looking for diversity in sex.Others assert themselves in this way: it seems that the number of conquered women talking about their perfect manhood.

exact answer to the question of how to calculate Casanova, probably does not exist.Still, psychologists advise to pay attention to one caveat.If a man makes to the woman a romantic act after another, and thus behaves as if it is nothing of it it is not necessary - it is an occasion to reflect.Gently and gradually pushing the woman to close, he can then say something like: "I'm sorry, but I love you nothing to ask - you wanted it," and simply evaporate with its horizon.

True romance is selfless and at the same time inseparable from the other expressions of love, including the physical layer.It is not about that, having met in life obayashka romantic, escape from it with all haste.Do not immediately suspect him in every conceivable sin.But caution has never and does not harm anyone.

Svetlana Usankova